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Insider Talking: June 24, 2011

Retired FBI Agent Jerry Forrester's fondness for fraudsters; Cayman Finance's former Head of Marketing Denise Gower gushes about how wonderful Cayman's financial service sector is and then leaves to join one of its most dubious participants, Cedrus Investments; US court issues forfeiture warrant for narcotics trafficking-related funds held at Butterfield Bank and Scotia Bank & Trust (Cayman).

Insider Talking: March 24, 2011

Alleged fraudster Michael Guard rises to the top at dubious Capital Conservator Group; The sordid tale of disbarred Bahamas attorney Jan Ward; Arnold Forbes claims he intends to sue Canadian broadcaster CTV for implicating him in an alleged investment fraud; Stanford University Professor Dr. Thomas Kenney accepts advisory role with dubious offshore investment firm Cedrus Investments; and Cayman Islands-domiciled Alacrity Capital Offshore Fund and related parties are sued in a dispute over administrative fees.

Insider Talking: January 4, 2011

Canadian fraudster George Georgiou learns the hard way about consecutive sentencing in the USA; We reveal the identities of insiders - past and present - at Georgiou's 401 Capital Partners Inc.; Cayman Finance shares office with fraudster-friendly law firm Thorp Alberga.

Scandal-plagued, debt-ridden U. S. securities broker moves business to Cayman

A securities broker with a long history of complaints for dishonesty from regulators, customers and former employees in the United States has moved his operations to the Cayman Islands, leaving behind substantial unpaid corporate and personal debt. Rani Tarek Jarkas, 38, closed down Delaware-domiciled, San Francisco-based Global Crown Capital LLC last year after nearly eight years in business and moved to Grand Cayman, where he now operates GC Research Ltd. and Cedrus Investments Ltd., which were formed in Cayman on October 31, 2008 and January 30, 2009, respectively.