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    USA v. Carlos Gonzalez-Suarez: Motion To Compel

    Motion to Compel the production of "medical records" for a lawsuit that "Dr. Gonzalez's patient, Carlos Loumiet", described as "a banking attorney who was outside counsel for the now-defunct Hamilton Bank, N.A.", filed against the USA alleging "emotional distress" as a result of "a 2006 enforcement action brought against him by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, charging that he helped conceal the crimes of Hamilton's senior executives who were convicted of orchestrating illegal transactions to hide tens of millions of dollars in losses to the bank", in USA v. Carlos P. Gonzalez-Suarez at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    Samuel Troice et al v. Greenberg Traurig: Dismissal Order

    Order granting Greenberg Traurig's motion for judgment on the pleadings and dismissal in Samuel Troice, Michoacan Trust, and Pam Reed v. Greenberg Traurig at the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, regarding claims arising from Allen Stanford's Ponzi scheme.

    Firefighters’ Retirement System et al v. Citco Group Ltd. et al: Renewal of Plaintiffs Motion to Compel

    The Louisiana Funds' Renewal of Motion to Compel on Documents in the Control of the Citco Group Ltd. in Firefighters' Retirement System, Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana, and New Orleans Firefighters' Pension & Relief Fund v. Citco Group Limited, Citco Fund Services (Cayman Islands) Limited, Citco Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited, Citco Fund Services (Suisse) S.A., Citco Fund Services (Europe) B.V., Citco Global Custody N.V., Citco (Canada) Inc., Citco Bank Nederland N.V. Dublin Branch, Citco Banking Corporation N.V., Citco Curacao N.V., Citco (USA) Holdings Inc., Citco Fund Services (SA) Inc., Citco Technology Management, Inc.,  Fletcher Asset Management, Inc., Alphonse 'Buddy' Fletcher, Jr., Denis Kiely, Duhallow Financial Services, LLC, Lisa Alexander, Peter M. Zayfert, Consulting Group Services, LLC, Joe Meals, Grant Thornton International Ltd., and Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom, LLP at the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.

    Poland: Lukasz Deremiak

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Poland - for a criminal investigation into Lukasz Deremiak for suspected fraud.

    Boston Life seeks $180 m from Bancroft Life, KMPG & others, alleges fraud

    Accountants in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands have been accused of conspiring with Miami-based law firm Greenberg Traurig and others to swindle one group of clients in favor of another in a scheme involving two offshore insurers - BVI-based Boston Life and Annuity and Bancroft Life & Casualty, of St. Lucia.

    Robert Kwok & Associates Ltd., LLP v. Bancroft Life & Casualty, ICC et al: First Amended Petition

    First Amended Petition, Application for Temporary Restraining Order, Application for an Injunction and Request for Expedited Discovery in an action brought by Robert Kwok & Associates Ltd., LLP against Bancroft Life & Casualty, ICC, Loren R. Cook & Associates Ltd., LLP, Association Benefits Group, Inc., CBIZ MHM, LLC, and Bradley Barros at the District Court of Harris County, Texas.

    Bancroft Life & Casualty ICC, Ltd. v. Intercontinental Management Ltd. et al: Amended Complaint

    Amended Complaint filed by Bancroft Life & Casualty ICC, Ltd.against Intercontinental Management Ltd., Intercontinental Captive Management Company, Ltd., The Roberts and Patton Law Firm, John R. Patton, George Thomas Roberts, Nigel Bailey, Cunningham Hughan & Company, Inc., Thomas Hughan, Dernar & Associates, LLC, and David Dernar at the U. S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

    Cyprus requests evidence for investigation into AremisSoft Corp.

    Article based on an application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged fraud and theft - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Cyprus - that was filed at federal court in the USA on February 15, 2008. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Lykourgos Kyprianou, a.k.a. Lycourgos Kyprianou; Roys Poyatzis, Dann Angeloff, George Ellis, Tate Holt, Paul Bloom, Hermione Kyprianou, Ronald Lefton, Kurt Sedlmayer, AremisSoft Corporation, Southwood Management Ltd., Semark Consultancy Corporation Ltd., E-nnovations, E-ChaRM, Denon International Ltd., Spectra Pvt. Ltd., Spahn & Partner Finanz Consult GmbH, Spahn Partners & Finance, E-ChaRM, Still & Life GmbH, Viwsion Group LLC, Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank, Global 360, Inc., and Greenberg Traurig.

    Cyprus: Lykourgos Kyprianou

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in Cyprus into Lykourgos Kyprianou and AmerisSoft Corporation for alleged securities fraud.

    Alleged offshore life insurance fraud victims seek evidence in Florida

    Litigants in the British Virgin Islands who claim to have been defrauded of $11 million in an alleged offshore insurance scam masquerading as a U. S. tax avoidance scheme have turned their attentions to the United States in their search for evidence.Alleged victims recently obtained an order from the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida compelling the appearance for deposition of, and production of documents by, Michael Rosenbaum, a former employee of The Kleinfeld Law Firm, of Miami, and they have just made a similar application concerning Jerome M. Hesch, who is a Miami-based attorney with Greenberg Traurig law firm.

    SEGOES liquidators run up $1.49 m deficit in first 8 months

    The liquidators of fraudulently-operated offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. ran up a $1.49 million deficit during their first eight months in charge of the company.That was the figure that leapt out of the Third Interim Report to Customers and Creditors, dated January 27, 2006, by liquidators Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride.

    SEGOES owner tried to breach asset freeze, say liquidators

    The owner of a failed offshore securities broker that apparently defrauded clients out of millions of dollars has attempted to breach an asset freeze order, it has been claimed.Details of the allegation against John Kaweske Jr. are contained in the first interim report of the joint official liquidators of SEGOES Services Ltd. to customers and creditors, which is dated July 7, 2005 but only publicly released on August 3.

    SEGOES goes into provisional liquidation amid allegations of fraud

    Offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. has gone out of business amid a police investigation in Cayman and concerns that clients have been defrauded of millions of dollars.The firm, formerly known as SEGOES Securities Ltd., went into provisional liquidation by order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on April 29 following a petition the same day by two clients in British Columbia, Canada with a claim totaling US$400,000.

    Antigua advisor attacks US Advisory against island’s offshore industry

    One of the architects of Antigua's new anti-money laundering laws has written to the US Treasury protesting its recent issuance of an Advisory warning that all transactions with Antiguan financial institutions should be treated as suspicious. US-based attorney Carlos E. Loumiet conceded that there were "a few shortcomings" in Antigua's new legislation but he claimed the US had ignored the "numerous positive changes in bank supervision in Antigua and Barbuda over the past two years designed to clean up the offshore banking sector in that country".

    Former US regulators lend support to white-collar criminals in Antigua

    A report that we have been told was paid for by powerful banker Allen Stanford and presented to the Antiguan government in January of this year as part of the review of Antigua's offshore financial services sector contained a recommendation that would have severely hindered efforts to combat rampant white-collar crime.