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Insider Talking: August 26, 2010

Litigation that has been taking place in Florida over the last 22 months on behalf of victims of various get rich quick investment schemes that substantially targeted Jamaican nationals or their descendants in the Caribbean and the United States is

Fourth fraud action against Cayman-domiciled Maydaisy Corp.

A fourth civil complaint in 11 months has been filed at federal court in Orlando by an investor claiming to have been defrauded in a Forex scheme operated by a Jamaican national using a Cayman Islands corporation.The latest action was

Investors scramble to recover up to US$1 billion as Caribbean Forex scams collapse

An epidemic of investment fraud is causing financial misery to victims who appear to be predominantly Caribbean residents and Caribbean expatriates living in the United States.Tens of thousands of investors are believed to have invested between US$650 million and US$1 billion over the last five years in more than two dozen unlicensed schemes, many of which promised returns of between 6% and 25% per month.