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BVI prepares criminal charges against IPOC, seeks to confiscate $40 m

Criminal charges are being prepared in the British Virgin Islands against a Bermuda domiciled investment fund that is suspected of being a money laundering vehicle for Russia's Telecommunications Minister, Leonid Reiman.The BVI authorities have drafted "preliminary charges" against IPOC International

Spain requests information about two Delaware companies for fraud investigation

Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged money laundering and tax fraud - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Spain - that was filed at federal court in the USA on July 27, 2006. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Salvador Llinas Bauza, Worldwide Financial Trade Ltd., Premier Trade International Inc., and Incorporating Services Inc.

Spain: Salvador Llinas Bauza

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in Spain into Salvador Llinas Bauza for alleged tax fraud and money laundering.