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SEC and class action law firms target RenaissanceRe

Bermudian Michael Cash, who resigned as on officer of RenaissanceRe after refusing to accept service of an SEC subpoena, will soon have a few more process servers at his door.Along with four other officers and the company itself, Cash has been named as a defendant in at least two class action complaints filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Superior National taken over by regulators, mystery over shredding machine

Superior National Insurance Group Inc., which recently settled its dispute with Bermuda-based Inter-Ocean Re over the non-payment of a $175 million claim, was taken over by regulators in California on March 3. "Financial examinations of Superior National undertaken by the Department revealed that the company was in hazardous financial condition and was severely under reserved," stated the Department of Insurance. 

Superior National’s aggressive tactics in dispute with Inter-Ocean Re

Industry watchers have been taken aback by the aggressive strategy adopted by Superior National Insurance Group Inc. in its $175 million contract dispute with Inter-Ocean Re and Inter-Ocean's principal shareholder, American Re-Insurance Company.Not content to wait for the outcome of arbitration proceedings that are due to be held soon in New York, Superior National filed a lawsuit against both parties in Los Angeles County Superior Court on September 7 in which they seek $200 million.