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    Liquidated banks sue Cayman Gov’t over US$2.5 million ‘mistake’

    Two Cayman banks that were closed down by regulators due to money laundering concerns have filed lawsuits against the government seeking the return of a mysterious US$2.5 million payment in 1997. The litigation relates to the unusual circumstances in which Euro Bank Corporation, then a Class 'B' bank, obtained a rarely-awarded Class 'A' banking license on October 8, 1997.

    Nine charged with money laundering at Euro Bank

    Cayman Islands police have brought charges against nine people as part of an investigation into the alleged laundering of $25 million through Euro Bank Corp. (in liquidation). Four of the accused are residents of the Cayman Islands - including three former officers of the bank, while the other five live in California.

    ‘Nothing unusual’ about turn-over of Cayman bank records to US Receiver, say Cayman attorneys

    Although much has been made overseas of a decision by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands to approve a request to hand over the bank records of Euro Bank Corporation client Kenneth Taves to his US-based Receiver, there is nothing unusual about such a move. The foreign press has been lauding the deal as a break with tradition by Cayman after comments to that effect by Robb Evans, the Receiver for Kenneth Taves, his wife, Teresa; and their businesses J. K. Publications Inc., MJD Service Corp., TAL Services Inc. and their affiliates and subsidiaries.

    Euro Bank goes into voluntary liquidation

    Cayman Islands-based Euro Bank Corporation this month officially went into voluntary liquidation, as we revealed it would in the May edition of Offshore Alert. Additionally, two members of its management, Ivan Burges and Judi Donegan, were arrested by Cayman police but released without charge, according to sources.