Jerry Nims

Bermuda firm ordered to turn over corporate records to US Bankruptcy Trustee

A firm whose vice-chairman was once former Bermuda Premier Sir David Gibbons has been ordered to turn over records to a U. S. Bankruptcy Trustee seeking to recover alleged fraudulent transfers of assets. Visual Technologies Ltd. had claimed that the laws of Bermuda - where it is incorporated - prevented it from producing certain documents.

Bankruptcy Trustee seeks sanctions against Bermuda firm

A U. S. Bankruptcy Trustee has asked a court to apply sanctions against a Bermuda-registered group closely associated with former Premier Sir David Gibbons. It is part of an attempt by Barbara B. Stalzer to recover assets that she claims were fraudulently transferred by the NimsTec group to avoid paying its debts.

Bermuda firm suspected of fraudulent transfer of assets

A company partly-owned by former Bermuda Premier Sir David Gibbons and other Bermuda-based investors is being investigated for a suspected fraudulent conveyance of assets in the United States. It is the latest chapter in the sordid saga of NimsTec Ltd., a 3-D technology firm which - together with predecessor companies and affiliates - has lurched from one fiasco to another over many years.

Jerry Nims and his 3D technology claim another victim

The curse of American businessman Jerry Nims and his 3-D camera technology, whose many failures over two decades have cost Bermuda-based investors millions of dollars, has claimed another victim. NimsTec North America Inc. filed for voluntary bankruptcy at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Georgia on November 6, 2000.

NimsTec seeks listing on NASDAQ under the name ‘’

A company linked with former Bermuda Premier Sir David Gibbons is involved with a fresh attempt to raise capital for a product that has lost investors tens of millions of dollars over two decades of failure. Nevada-registered, which is a front for Bermuda-based NimsTec Limited, registered 100 million shares with the SEC on November 12, 1999.

BSX de-lists NimsTec shares

The Bermuda Stock Exchange yesterday announced that it was de-listing the shares of 3-D firm NimsTec Limited for publishing an inaccurate and misleading share prospectus. The de-listing of NimsTec's shares is a direct result of an investigation carried out by Offshore Business News & Research which publishes Offshore Alert and Inside Bermuda, into NimsTec earlier this year.

NimsTec’s appalling track record

Investors thinking of buying into high-tech firm NimsTec, which last month became the latest company to list on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, may want to look closely at the track record of its technology and its senior management before parting with their funds. Bermuda-based NimsTec, which manufactures and markets 3-D products, including cameras, has raised $3 million so far from investors in Bermuda, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Investors include Deloitte & Touche (Bermuda) partners Bill Jack and Roger Titterton, who have invested $40,000 between them. The company bears striking similarities to a company called Nimslo, which lost investors in the US, the UK and Bermuda tens of millions of dollars over the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s with the same technology now owned by NimsTec.

NimsTec shares list on BSX

NimsTec Limited, a hi-tech firm which produces 3-D cameras and printers for the medical and photographic industries, has begun listing its ordinary shares on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, where they will be traded in minimum blocks of $100,000.