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    Insider Talking: August 7, 2007

    Former offshore services provider Marc Harris, who was sentenced to serve 17 years in prison on May 17, 2004 after being convicted by a jury of conspiracy to defraud the USA, money laundering and tax evasion, turned down a pre-trial offer from prosecutors that would have seen him receive just three years in prison in return for a guilty plea, according to a recently-filed court paper in Miami; New information about what is shaping up to be the latest big offshore hedge fund scandal recently became publicly available in filings at the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, where the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is trying to close down Lake Shore Asset Management Limited, which is incorporated in Bermuda; and Former offshore specialist Nigel Scott Grant, who once participated in a Nevis-based investment scam while working as an attorney in California, is being sued in Florida for allegedly failing to pay legal fees of $16,125 to a Miami-based law firm, Levey, Airan, Shevin, Roen, Kelso, Corona & Herrera LLP.

    Marc Harris sentenced to 17 years in prison

    Former offshore financial services provider Marc Harris was sentenced today to 17 years in prison in the United States.Harris, 39, was also fined $20.32 million, and ordered to pay restitution of $6.58 million by Judge James Cohn, sitting at the

    Missed filing deadline costs Harris chance to challenge conviction

    An attempt by offshore provider Marc Harris to overturn his conviction for money laundering and tax evasion has failed because of an apparent blunder by his attorneys. On January 23, 2004, U. S. District Judge James Cohn threw out Harris' motion for a Judgment of Acquittal because it was filed after the statutory deadline for post trial motions had expired.

    Harris jury will consider verdict tomorrow

    A jury in Florida will retire tomorrow to determine the fate of offshore businessman Marc Harris.After five days of presenting several witnesses and mountains of documented evidence, the United States Government wrapped up its case against Harris at 3.48 pm

    Insider Talking: September 30, 2003

    Legal proceedings at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida involving a $170 million claim by Cayman Islands licensed Bank Espirito Santo International Ltd. against United States based receivables factoring firm E. S. Bankest LC et

    Marc Harris asks judge to dismiss indictment

    Offshore asset protection businessman Marc Harris has filed motions to dismiss a 13 count money laundering indictment brought against him in Florida. Among the grounds put forward by Harris' attorney, Joaquin Fernandez, are "statute of limitations" bars and "pre indictment

    Marc Harris granted trial date extension

    A federal judge in Miami has granted a motion by Marc Harris to have his trial start date put back from August 11, 2003 so that he can review evidence against him.In an order dated August 20, 2003, Judge Donald L. Graham set a new two-week period from October 6, 2003 to October 17, 2003 to try the 13 counts of money laundering that have been brought against Harris.

    Harris assumed bogus role in sham firm, says client

    Offshore businessman Marc Harris and his employees associates in Panama assumed bogus officer roles in a sham offshore company and produced phony invoices, false bills of lading and backdated documents as part of an elaborate scheme to help a client

    Marc Harris hires Manuel Noriega’s criminal defense attorney

    Jailed offshore provider Marc Harris has hired former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega's attorney to defend him against 13 counts of money laundering in Miami.Frank A. Rubino confirmed to OffshoreAlert that: "I am representing Mr. Harris in the U. S. District Court for the money laundering charges filed against him."