John Deuss

John Deuss fires attorney after judge issues sanctions for misconduct

Bermuda-based businessman John Deuss, 71, has replaced his attorney - Philip E. Cook - after Cook and his law firm, Jones Day, were sanctioned for misconduct in a failed lawsuit against Deuss' 36-year-old former fiancée, Nicola Siso, to recover an engagement ring and approximately $1 million in "gifts" after she ended their relationship.

John Deuss dismisses lawsuit against former fiancee

Bermuda-based businessman John Deuss, 71, has dropped a lawsuit against his 36-year-old former fiancée, Nicola Siso, after acknowledging that he had improperly deposed her mother and issued subpoenas in what she claimed was an attempt to "harass and humiliate" her.

Nigerian laundered $2 m from advance fee frauds through FCIB, says U. S.

A Nigerian advance fee fraudster used the stolen identity of a Roman Catholic nun to launder funds through the now-defunct First Curacao International Bank in the Netherlands Antilles, it has been alleged. In all, more than $2 million from 19 victims were laundered through accounts at the bank, which, at the time, was controlled by former Bermuda resident and suspected criminal John Deuss.

Netherlands: John Deuss et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in the Netherlands into alleged fraud and money laundering by John Deuss, Martina Deuss and First Curacao International Bank.

Insider Talking: December 8, 2008

US Senator John Kerry intends to look into offshore tax evasion; First Curacao International Bank to "start repatriating" frozen assets; UK Government commissions review of offshore financial centers' Condor Insurance sued in California; and US criminally indicts Raoul Weil, Chairman and CEO of UBS Global Wealth Management and Business Banking and a member of the Swiss bank's Group Executive Board.

UK Gov’t Committee expresses concern over corruption and fraud in Bermuda

The United Kingdom Government has been asked to provide details of any and all steps it has taken to ensure that corruption and fraud in Bermuda is "properly investigated".The request was made in a new report on British Overseas Territories by the Foreign Affairs Committee, which is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the administration, expenditure and policy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its associated agencies.

Offshore banker released on $10 m bail, agrees to waive extradition to Netherlands

Offshore banker and oil tycoon John Deuss has been released on $10 million bail in Bermuda - three days after his arrest as part of an investigation into alleged money laundering and other financial crimes.Deuss, a 64-year-old Dutch national who has resided in Bermuda since the 1970s, has agreed to waive extradition to the Netherlands, where he is wanted for questioning about alleged money laundering and other financial crimes.

Offshore banker John Deuss is ‘head of criminal organization’, claim Dutch investigators

Dutch investigators suspect offshore banker and oil trader John Deuss of being in charge of a criminal organization, his attorney told a Bermuda court yesterday.The revelation came during a hearing at which his attorneys were attempting for a second time to over-turn a Bermuda magistrate's decision to issue an arrest warrant for 64-year-old Deuss on October 2, 2006. Deuss has been in hiding since then and Bermuda police have appealed to the public for help in trying to locate him. The total area of Bermuda is just 21 square miles.

Arrest warrant issued for Bermuda-based offshore banker John Deuss

An arrest warrant has been issued for 64-year-old Bermuda resident John Deuss by the authorities in his native Netherlands, which are to seek his extradition from Bermuda so that they can question him about alleged money laundering at his bank, First Curacao International Bank NV, which is licensed in the Netherlands Antilles.

John Deuss steps down from bank due to money laundering probe

Oil tycoon John Deuss has “temporarily” stepped down as Chairman and CEO of Bermuda Commercial Bank due to an investigation into alleged money laundering and illegal banking, BCB has disclosed. BCB's Chief Operating Officer, Timothy W. Ulrich, and a director,

John Deuss firms sue Brek Energy and related parties

Eight days before it was due to make a minimum payment of $350,000 towards its 2002 purchase of an ecommerce company, a group controlled by Bermuda-based oil magnate John Deuss has sued the seller. Transworld Payment Solutions NV and First Curacao International Bank NV, which owns Bermuda Commercial Bank, filed a civil complaint at Bermuda Supreme Court on February 21, 2003.

How to get around Bermuda’s 60:40 rule without breaking sweat

The farcical nature of the Bermuda law that is supposed to restrict foreign ownership of local companies to 40 per cent was exposed this month in a transaction regarding Bermuda Commercial Bank.On June 15, 2001, BCB announced that Netherlands Antilles-registered First Curacao International Bank N. V. had increased its shareholding from 33.74 per cent to 48.08 per cent of common shares.

John Deuss: The most powerful man in Bermuda?

Bermuda-based oil magnate John Deuss, 55, has lived a life that is remarkable even among the rich and famous. Since his first car dealership business went bust, he has outwitted the Soviets, broken an oil embargo in South Africa, had his home firebombed by anti-apartheid protesters and helped clinch the world's largest oil deal. In the process, the Dutchman has made billions of dollars. Now it appears to many that he has ‘bought' the new PLP government in Bermuda. Deuss paid off the mortgage on the party's headquarters a few years ago, appointed PLP leader and new Bermuda Premier Jennifer Smith as a director of his Bermuda bank and is widely thought to have spent at least $2 million financing the PLP's entire election campaign that culminated in the party winning power for the first time earlier this month. A reliable source also told us that, several months ago, Deuss began paying Smith $150,000 per year that is categorized as a ‘clothing allowance'. DAVID MARCHANT takes a look at his career and asks: ‘John Deuss - Hero or Villain?'.

Insider Talking: August 31, 1998

We devote a large portion of this month's Insider Talking to Lines Overseas Management, which is based in Bermuda and also has offices in the Cayman Islands and Guernsey, including a letter from one of the company's Cayman-based financial advisors that makes inaccurate claims and promotes illegal activity; We end this segment on LOM by revealing the contents of a letter written this month to a potential US client by Joe P. Montgomery, a financial advisor with LOM (Cayman), whose services as advertised by Montgomery would appear to be a money launderer's dream; The frequency with which Robert Pires, owner of stock broker/financial adviser Bermuda Investment Advisory Services, and members of his staff fall out, leading to staff departures, continues to occur at an alarming rate; We have reported in the past about John Deuss' courting of the Progressive Labour Party in the run up to this year's General Election; a relationship that has involved wining and dining PLP leader Jennifer Smith on his luxury schooner and paying off the mortgage of the PLP's party headquarters; The first of two lawsuits that are being brought against Cayman Minister of Land John McLean is due to be filed at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands during September, not August, as we had previously expected; and The government of Nevis narrowly failed to take the island independent in a referendum held on August 10.

John Deuss lays off staff at Transglobal Insurance after disappointing results

Transglobal Insurance (Holdings), which is owned by Bermuda-based oil magnate John Deuss, is changing its senior management, cutting back expenses and altering its marketing focus in the wake of disappointing results in its first 18 months in business.Transglobal president Lionel ‘Kip' Herring is being laid off shortly and the company's controller, Beau Franklin, left recently to join another firm in Bermuda.

Insider Talking: March 31, 1998

John Deuss courts PLP political party in Bermuda, offshore regulators John Lawrence and Marcus Killick find new jobs, proposed purchase of Little Switzerland by Colombian Emeralds International may have implications for Crisson's, Leigh Bruce Ritch is apparently now living in Cayman under the name Bruce Ritchie after completing a prison-term in the USA for narcotics-trafficking, Rex Crighton receives 'in principle' planning approval to dredge Cayman's North Sound, Grenada appoints Viktor Kozeny as its Honorary Consul in the Bahamas, investors make approximatly $1 million on call options bought one day before announcement of sale of Bermuda reinsurer Mid Ocean Ltd.

Insider Talking: February 27, 1998

Buyers of luxury property in Bermuda in 1997 include John Deuss, Reg Grundy, Britons Michael Butt, David Brown, and Ernest Stempel, First Cayman Bank liquidators defend size of fees, Ken Dart turned down for permanent residency in Cayman Islands, John Tugwell wanted to be Bank of Butterfield's Chairman, as well as CEO, say sources; Bermuda Sun newspaper to start publishing twice a week, Thomas Azzara's 'Tax Havens of the World' book contains several inaccuracies, nearly half of all births in Bermuda in 1996 were out of wedlock.

John Deuss forms Bermuda rent-a-captive

One of the better kept secrets in Bermuda over the last few years has been the entry into the insurance market of Bermuda-based Dutch oil billionaire John Deuss.Not one for publicizing his business interests, Deuss quietly formed Transglobal Insurance (Holdings) Limited and its operating subsidiary, Transglobal Insurance Limited, in Bermuda on February 22, 1996.

John Deuss denies rift with Chevron

Oil magnate John Deuss has denied there is a rift between himself and US oil giant Chevron that is delaying the construction of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

Oil, money and power – the watch-words of businessman John Deuss

Bermuda-based oil magnate John Deuss, 51, has lived a life that is remarkable even among the rich and famous. Since his first car dealership went bust in the 1960s, he has outwitted the Soviets, broken an oil embargo in South Africa, had his home fire-bombed by anti-apartheid protesters and helped clinch the world's largest oil deal. In the process, this self-made Dutchman has made billions of dollars. DAVID MARCHANT takes a look at his extraordinary career and asks: 'John Deuss - Hero or Villain?'