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    Insider Talking: November 30, 1997

    US depositors withdraw $14 million after losing confidence in Cayman Islands, John Jefferson Jr. seeks to sell his shares in Cayman fast-food franchises, mystery surrounds the awarding of a Class 'A' bank license in Cayman to Euro Bank Corp. following a $2 million payment, John Tugwell says he quit as Bank of Bermuda CEO for "personal reasons", Bermuda Gov't Minister Quinton Edness makes difficult-to-believe claim about why Police Commissioner was fired, Bermuda Governor Thorold Masefield takes the public for idiots, did Maples & Calder senior partner Tony Travers really receive $6 million in annual dividends?, profits of First Bermuda Securities revealed, Bermuda lawyer Lynda Milligan-Whyte turns $67,200 into $500,000 at First Bermuda Securities.

    Cayman MLA John Jefferson Jr. loses civil lawsuit

    Cayman's National Team government has taken no action against one of its members, John Jefferson Jr., who lost a civil lawsuit that included evidence of dishonesty on his part and a letter indicating he may have attempted to extort money from a foreign airline by abusing his position as a Member of the Legislative Assembly.