Laval Law

The Global Mutual Fund PCC et al: Administrators’ Final Report

Final Report of the Joint Administration Managers of The Global Mutual Fund PCC Limited, The Worldwide Mutual Fund PCC Limited, and The Universal Mutual Fund ICC Limited - all part of the Belvedere Management Group - to The Royal Court of Guernsey and Investors.

Mauritius bans three more Belvedere Management Group directors

Three more individuals - Kenneth Maillard, Laval Law and Rajindersingh Borthosow - have been banned from the financial services industry in Mauritius as a result of their involvement in the Belvedere Management Group, which was exposed as a fraudulent enterprise by OffshoreAlert in 2015.

Laval Law: Disqualification

Public Notice by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission announcing the disqualification of Laval Law.