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Details of alleged fraud against Bahamas attorney Leslie Vernon Rolle

Bahamas attorney Leslie Vernon Rolle is facing a criminal investigation into an alleged attempt to swindle clients of UBS (Bahamas) Limited out of $2.2 million. Police have been asked to look into the matter following incriminating evidence that was unearthed during the execution of an Anton Piller order issued by the Bahamas Supreme Court last month as part of a civil action brought by UBS.

UBS (Bahamas) obtains an Anton Piller order against attorney Leslie Vernon Rolle

UBS (Bahamas) Limited has obtained a seldom-granted court order allowing its representatives to enter a Bahamian attorney's premises without notice and take away documents and other movable assets. The order - known as an Anton Piller order - was granted by the Bahamas Supreme Court on December 11 against attorney Leslie Vernon Rolle, who operates from Nassau, and Esson Securities and Investments Ltd. and Weybridge Properties Ltd.