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    Walkers SPV attorney: ‘Stop publishing judge’s ruling about Bear Stearns Funds’

    Letter to OffshoreAlert's editor from attorney Steven Barrie, of Nelson & Company (Cayman), representing Walkers SPV Ltd., regarding an article the Bear Stearns High-Grade Feeder Funds, Causes No. 551 and 552 of 2007. In the letter, Barrie was seeking an assurance that OffshoreAlert would not further publish details of a Grand Court of the Cayman Islands ruling that was embarrassing to his client, claiming that the court had banned publication. OffshoreAlert's reply is also included in the article.

    Re: “Nevis — More dangerous than the most any US City”

    Dear Sir Madam Re “Nevis — More dangerous than the most any US City”Please allow us to draw your attention to the above captioned matter. In the September 30th 2006 edition of Offshore Alert we noted the following extract published

    ‘Nevis does not have a high murder rate’, says resident

    Dear Sir I read your magazine every month and I usually view your publication as accurate, insightful and current. However, in this month's issue, the story titled "Nevis Deals With High Murder Rate" made me question deeply my assumptions about

    OffshoreAlert has ‘saved readers and clients’ from fraudsters

    Dear Sir, While reading a recent edition of OffshoreAlert, I was somewhat surprised to read certain criticisms of yourself and the publication to which I wish to respond. Your publication has saved many readers and clients from unscrupulous operators and

    OffshoreAlert’s ‘misconceptions’ about Cayman tax co-operation

    Letter to OffshoreAlert's editor from Nev Johnson, Press Officer, Foreign and Commonwealth Office trying to coorect "erroneous" rumours about the Cayman Islands being forced to co-operate with tax investigations. It later transpired that the "rumours" were accurate.