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US judge approves ‘seemingly illusory’ settlement between SEC and Caledonian Group

A U. S. regulator's much-criticized securities fraud complaint against Cayman Islands-based Caledonian Bank and Caledonian Securities is near a conclusion after a federal judge in New York yesterday approved a "seemingly illusory" settlement between the parties and rejected an attempt to block it by the group's "putative owner".

John Drics v. Terrence P. Duffy et al: Notice of Removal

Notice of Removal, plus complaint, in John Thomas Drics v. Terrence P. Duffy, Caledonian Global Financial Services Inc., of the Cayman Islands; Lionhart Advisors Group Ltd., Photon Global Ltd., Starbrite Capital Ltd., Arrow Investment Management Inc., and Borealis Management Ltd., all of the British Virgin Islands at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.