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    Aviator Master Fund, Ltd. et al v. John Hamilton et al: Complaint

    Complaint in Aviator Master Fund, Ltd., Aviator Fund Management, L.P., JMG Triton Offshore Fund, Ltd., JMG Capital Partners, LP, Whitebox Concentrated Convertible Arbitrage Partners, LP, Whitebox Concentrated Convertible Arbitrage Advisors, LLC, Whitebox Credit Arbitrage Partners, LP, Whitebox Credit Arbitrage Advisors, LP, Pandora Select Partners, LP, Pandora Select Advisors, LP, Longview Equity Fund, L.P., Longview International Equity Fund, L.P., and Longview Fund, LP v. John Hamilton and Sandro Sordi at New York State Supreme Court.

    Bermuda insurance license reject goes to Barbados, teams up with dubious group

    A wannabe Bermuda insurer whose license application was turned down in 2004 has resurfaced in Barbados, where it has teamed up with a group whose principals include a convicted criminal. The Barbados Supervisor of Insurance issued an insurance license to River Reinsurance Limited on December 16, 2005. 

    Would-be offshore insurer has ties to convicted fraudster

    A New York-based attorney with a conviction for securities fraud is an insider in a penny stock firm controlled by the principals of Bermuda-based Lines Overseas Management, OffshoreAlert can reveal. The involvement of Edward Marvin Grushko casts further suspicion on River Capital Group Inc., which is raising money from the public by claiming it intends to operate as a Bermuda insurer without disclosing that two licensing applications were turned down by the Insurance Admissions Committee of the Bermuda Monetary Authority last year and that no further application has been made since then.

    River Capital reports another loss

    A penny stock firm controlled by the senior officers of Bermuda-based investment firm Lines Overseas Management reported a net loss of $778,928 for the 12 months ended December 31, 2004, according to its recent 10K filing with the SEC, increasing its deficit to $1.08 million.However, River Capital Group Inc.'s share price soared during the year, hitting a high of $6.50 on the Pink Sheets market, despite the firm having no full-time employees, no revenue and, some would say, no future.