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UK seeks account information from E-Gold for fraud investigation

Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged phone and credit card fraud - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from the United Kingdom - that was filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on March 7, 2007. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Dariusz Zyla, a.k.a. Sebastian Wrobel, Adam Zemierowski, a.k.a. Roman Zykin, a.k.a. Jaroslaw Drozdowski, a.k.a. Pedro Dadi; Malgorzata Zykin, Krzysztof Rogalski, Hannes Pajusalu, a.k.a. Max Porter; Tiia Pajusalu, Bogdan Pozniak, Andrei Kouterov, also spelt Andrey Kutepov; Sergey Blashchuk, Anastasia Bezushko, Halina Pozniak, Dmitry Zaliznyak, Sergey Kibalnikov, Yana Salikhzhanova, Goldstyle OU, Guarantee Agency Inc., Toom Toomas, Cassel Management Ltd., Loyal Bank, Meelis Ismael, Meelis Laugasson, Arduno OU, Andrew Ittleman, and E-Gold.

United Kingdom: Dariusz Zyla et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged theft by Dariusz Zyla and others.