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    Par Pharmaceutical Inc. et al: Chapter 11 Petition

    Chapter 11 Petition by a "specialty pharmaceutical" group comprising entities in Bermuda, Canada, Cyprus, England, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, and USA, namely Par Pharmaceutical, Inc, Actient Pharmaceuticals LLC, Maple Avenue, LLC, Endo International Plc, Anchen Incorporated, Generics International (US), Inc., Anchen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., DAVA Pharmaceuticals, LL, Endo Par Innovation Company, LLC, Generics Bidco I, LLC, Innoteq, Inc., JHP Acquisition, LLC, JHP Group Holdings, LLC, Kali Laboratories, LLC, Moores Mill Properties LLC, Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc., Par Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc., Par Sterile Products, LLC, Par, LLC, Quartz Specialty Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Vintage Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Actient Therapeutics LLC, Astora Women's Health Ireland Limited, Astora Women's Health, LLC, Auxilium International Holdings, LLC, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Auxilium US Holdings, LLC, Bermuda Acquisition Management Limited, BioSpecifics Technologies LLC, Branded Operations Holdings, Inc., DAVA International, LLC, Endo Aesthetics LLC, Endo Bermuda Finance Limited, Endo Designated Activity Company, Endo Eurofin Unlimited Company, Endo Finance IV Unlimited Company, Endo Finance LLC, Endo Finance Operations LLC, Endo Finco Inc., Endo Generics Holdings, Inc., Endo Global Aesthetics Limited, Endo Global Biologics Limited, Endo Global Development Limited, Endo Global Finance LLC, Endo Global Ventures, Endo Health Solutions Inc., Endo Innovation Valera, LLC, Endo Ireland Finance II Limited, Endo LLC, Endo Luxembourg Finance Company I S.à r.l., Endo Luxembourg Holding Company S.à r.l., Endo Luxembourg International Financing S.à r.l., Endo Management Limited, Endo Pharmaceuticals Finance LLC, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions Inc., Endo Pharmaceuticals Valera Inc., Endo Procurement Operations Limited, Endo TopFin Limited, Endo U.S. Inc., Endo US Holdings Luxembourg I S.à r.l., Endo Ventures Aesthetics Limited, Endo Ventures Bermuda Limited, Endo Ventures Cyprus Limited, Endo Ventures Limited, Generics International (US) 2, Inc., Generics International Ventures Enterprises LLC, Hawk Acquisition Ireland Limited, Kali Laboratories 2, Inc., Luxembourg Endo Specialty Pharmaceuticals Holding I S.à r.l., Paladin Labs Canadian Holding Inc., Paladin Labs Inc., Par Laboratories Europe, Ltd., Par Pharmaceutical 2, Inc., Slate Pharmaceuticals, LLC, and Timm Medical Holdings, LLC, at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.