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Timothy Green v. MASA Holdings, Inc. et al: Petition

Petition alleging breach of contract regarding the repayment of a $3.4 million Promissory Note in Timothy W. Green, a resident of Texas v. MASA Holdings, Inc., f.k.a. MASA Holdings, LLC, of Delaware; Medical Air Services Association, Inc., of Oklahoma; Medical Air Services Association of Florida, Inc., of Florida; Medical Air Services Association International, Inc., of the U.S. Virgin Islands; Medical Air Services Association of the Bahamas, Ltd., of the Bahamas; MASA de Puerto Rico, Inc., of Puerto Rico; Medical Air Service Association of the (BVI), Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; MASA Assist Bermuda, Ltd., of Bermuda; MASA Marketing, Ltd., of the Bahamas; Medflight Company, Ltd., of Trinidad and Tobago; MASA Marketing St. Kitts, Ltd., of St. Kitts and Nevis; Medical Air Services Association of St. Lucia, Inc., of Saint Lucia; and Medical Air Services Association Jamaica Limited, of Jamaica, at the District Court for the 236th Judicial District, Tarrant County, Texas.