Max Barber

Troy Hogg et al v. Stephen Braverman et al: Summons With Notice

Summons With Notice for damages of $395 million alleging fraud and misappropriation regarding a cryptocurrency scheme in Troy James Hogg, a citizen of Canada, individually, and Leila Holdings Ltd., of Bermuda, derivatively on behalf of Arbitrade Ltd., also of Bermuda v. Stephen Lance Braverman, Kent Mason Swig, Dignity Mining Group LLC, Charles Hamlin Woodworth, Daniel Francis Sweet, Coinmint LLC, of Puerto Rico; Prieur Leary, Hayden Gill, Max Warren Barber, William Richard Saunders, Shaun L. Heseltine, ABCOR International Ltd., of Belize; Scotia International of Nevada Inc., of Utah; SION Trading FZE, of the United Arab Emirates; Jeffrey Muller, Victor George Webb, G4S Cash Services LLC, of the United Arab Emirates; Peter Walters, Kaled Swlaiman Salem Bokhem, Silver Estate Management Ltd., of Wyoming; E. Warren Goss, and Impact Partners, of New York, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.
Max Warren Barber

Judgment for $427K against firms involved in Bermuda/US crypto scam

A judgment for $427,552 has been entered against UAE-domiciled SION Trading and Utah-based Scotia International of Nevada for non-payment of gold and silver that was used for a cryptocurrency scam that began in Canada, moved to Bermuda, and is currently being conducted by firms in Delaware.

‘Billion Dollar’ crypto gold firm sued for unpaid rent of $6,632

Scotia International of Nevada, which claims to own gold worth billions of dollars as part of a cryptocurrency-based investment fraud by Bermuda/Canada-domiciled Arbitrade and Delaware-domiciled Dignity Holdings, is being sued for unpaid rent of $6,632 in Utah. It's the fifth lawsuit against the SION group over the last eight months.