Michael Brown


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    MEPCO Ltd.: Petition

    Petition In the Matter of MEPCO Ltd. at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

    FirstCaribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited v. Herbert Peintner et al

    Writ of Summons filed by FirstCaribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited against Herbert Peintner, Coast Hill Development International Co. Ltd., Peace Bay Palace Ltd., Prime House Lots Ltd., Centrum Corporation, JMB Ltd., Island Waste Carriers Ltd. and Michael Brown at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

    Abdul Hussain Jaffar Rahmatallah Al Lawati et al v. Montague Morgan Slade Ltd. et al: Second Amended Complaint

    Second Amended and Supplemental Complaint filed by Abdul Hussain Jaffar Rahmatallah Al Lawati , Martin Baerschmidt, Guy Coghlan, Colin Jobe, Kevin Kapland, Vinico Fashion LLC, David Shaun Killa, Maheshchandra Purshottam Pawani, Michael Peers, MK Investment Services Limited, Mutrah Insofoam Co. (S.A.O.C.), Paulo Alexandre Da Costa Pereira, Steel Panel LLC, Ramesh Sajnani, Tulsidas Sajnani and Don Surrendra against Montague Morgan Slade Ltd., Anthony Heald; Julia Heald, Michael Brown; Brown Family Trust; Gordon Spedding; Mo-Mo-Mama Direct Access Trading; Mo-Mo Mama Ltd.; Mo-Mo-Mama Direct Access Trading LLC; Montague Morgan Slade Absolute Performance Fund Plc; Montague Morgan Slade Highly Diversified Fund Plc; Montague Morgan Slade 1095 Fund Plc; MMS Private Clients; MMS Private Clients FZE; MMS Private Clients FZC; Montague Morgan Slade Limited (Hong Kong); M.F. Montague Morgan Slade; Montague Morgan Slade Holdings Limited; Montague Morgan Slade S.L.; Micklegate Investments (BVI) Ltd.; Mark Hilliard; Mark Hilliard & Company; Peter Rigby: JST Lawyers; Keith Park Solicitors, B.M.H. Management S.A., SCF Secretarial Services S.A., ExPat Solutions Group; Emirates FX; Stephen White; Martin Kinsey; Vincent Hillsdon, Alan Toal, Coutts De Vere Holdings; Coutts De Vere Systems, Ltd.; Euroamerican Financial Association Ltd.; IP Investments Limited; Debra Ann Steel; Winfox Consulting; William P. Bonney; and G. Bonney at New York State Supreme Court.

    United Kingdom: Roger Bryer et al

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged fraud, theft and money laundering involving Roger Bryer, Yulia Bryer, Herbert Austin, Susan Austin and others.

    Ex-soccer boss conned out of $12 m, stolen funds given to UK political party, say police

    Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into an alleged investment fraud - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from the United Kingdom - that was filed at federal court in the SA on November 14, 2007. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for asistance include Martin Edwards, Manchester United FC, Kevin So, Lucy Yan Lu, Robert Mann, Keith Millar, Michael Brown, Basil Aucott Young, Terence Robert Minton, Boris Lopatin, Charles Wesley Woodhead, Craig Christensen, Jeffrey Moritz, Denis Byrne, Brian McBurnie, Michelle Golden Bollarin, Kevin Kondas, Andre Meyer, 5th Avenue Partners Ltd., Bank of Austria, Refco Securities, Devonshire Capital Ltd., Cambridge Asset Management Ltd., ECOVEGA LLC, Standard Chartered Bank, Liberal Democrat Party, Union Bank of California, Wells Fargo Bank, HSBC Bank, KM Associates LLC, Landbase LLC, Univest Financial Group Inc., and Intrend Asset Management Ltd.

    United Kingdom: Michael Brown et al

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in the United Kingdom into an alleged investment fraud against former Manchester United Football Club chairman Martin Edwards.