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Alleged offshore life insurance fraud victims seek evidence in Florida

Litigants in the British Virgin Islands who claim to have been defrauded of $11 million in an alleged offshore insurance scam masquerading as a U. S. tax avoidance scheme have turned their attentions to the United States in their search for evidence.Alleged victims recently obtained an order from the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida compelling the appearance for deposition of, and production of documents by, Michael Rosenbaum, a former employee of The Kleinfeld Law Firm, of Miami, and they have just made a similar application concerning Jerome M. Hesch, who is a Miami-based attorney with Greenberg Traurig law firm.

Denis Kleinfeld emerges victorious in litigation with ex-employee

Tax attorney Denis Kleinfeld and related parties have come out victorious in a bitter legal battle with a former employee of The Kleinfeld Law Firm. The ex-staffer, Michael Rosenbaum, has returned $159,000 that he allegedly misappropriated from the Kleinfeld parties and retracted allegations of wrongdoing that he made against them, including that Denis Kleinfeld had forged Rosenbaum's signature on a corporate check to buy himself a Cadillac and that Kleinfeld was involved in setting up questionable tax shelter arrangements for clients.

Ex-employee accuses Kleinfeld Law Firm over US Virgin Islands tax program

Offshore-focused attorney Denis Kleinfeld "masterminded" a widespread tax avoidance scheme known as the 'United States Virgin Islands Program', according to an ex-employee. The allegation was made in a counterclaim and third party claim filed at Miami-Dade Circuit Court, in Florida, on September 7, 2004 by Michael Rosenbaum and Demi International Consulting LLC, of Florida.

Prominent offshore attorney in bitter dispute with ex-employee

Attorney Denis Kleinfeld has become embroiled in bitter litigation with a former associate of Kleinfeld's United States-based law firm, which specializes in offshore asset protection and tax planning.No fewer than seven civil lawsuits were filed by one side against the other at Miami-Dade Circuit Court, in Florida, over five months this year.