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Scully Royalty Ltd.: Directors

Director Details for Scully Royalty Ltd., obtained from the Cayman Islands General Registry on May 20th, 2021.

Merkanti Bank Ltd.: €259K Fine

Public Notice by the Malta Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit that it has imposed a fine of €259,927 on Merkanti Bank Limited, formerly MFC Merchant Bank Limited, for regulatory breaches. Editor's Note: Research by OffshoreAlert at the Malta Business Registry showed that Merkanti Bank Limited was incorporated on June 17th 2003, its directors are Christian Farrugia, a citizen of Malta; Friedrich Hondl, a citizen of Austria; Otto Karasek, a citizen of Austria; Samuel Morrow, a citizen of the United States, and George Portanier, a citizen of Malta, and its shareholders are Merkanti Holding Plc, of Malta, and Scully Royalty Ltd., of the Cayman Islands. Merkanti Holding Plc was incorporated on May 28th, 2015, its directors are Mario P. Galea, a citizen of Malta; Samuel Morrow, Benjamin Muscat, a citizen of Malta; Silke Stenger, a citizen of Germany, and Martin Ware, a citizen of the United Kingdom, and its shareholders are Merchants Employees Incentive Corp., of the Marshall Islands; Scully Royalty Ltd., and MFC 2017 II Ltd., of the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands General Registry showed that Scully Royalty Ltd.'s directors are Dr. Shuming Zhao, Friedrich Hondl, Indrajit Chatterjee, Jochen Dümler, Michael J. Smith, and Silke S. Stenger. There was no record of any company with the name MFC 2017 II Ltd. when OffshoreAlert searched the Cayman companies register.

Michael Smith v. Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. et al: Complaint

Complaint alleging securities violations in Michael Smith v. Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., of Israel, described as "a global provider of satellite-based broadband communications" whose shares are listed on NASDAQ; Dov Baharav, Elyezer Shkedy, Dafna Cohen, Meir Shamir, Dafna Sharir, Amir Ofek, Ishay Davidi, Aylon Rafaeli, and Amiram Boehm at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Déjà vu: Spencer-Arscott firm turned down for insurance license

For the second time in seven years, a proposed reinsurer headed by former AON (Bermuda) boss Robin Spencer-Arscott has been turned down for an insurance license.The failed application to the Bermuda Monetary Authority was on behalf of River Reinsurance Ltd., which is owned by Bermuda-based River Capital Ltd.

Latin America Round-Up: October 31, 2002

ARGENTINA The bankers' parade Michael Smith, of HSBC, declared before judge Claudio Bonadío that bribes were somewhat customary in Argentina. Smith—a British citizen who has been only months in the South American country—was testifying in a new case of alleged

Glade W. James v. Richard Day et al: Complaint

Complaint in Glade W. James, individually and as Trustee; Kirt W. James, Intrepid International Ltd., HJS Financial Services, Inc., Shibewalt Management, Inc., Intrepid International SA, Oasis Entertainment, LLC, Oasis Entertainment's Fourth Movie Project, Oasis Entertainment Corp, and Glenneyre Capital Corp. v. Richard Day, American Registrar & Transfer Co., Greg Harry, Jeff Harry, Jenna Harry, William S. Stocker, J. Dan Sifford, Jr., Karl E. Rodriguez, Karl E. Rodriguez Ltd., JeffJena Ltd., Anneius Equity Management, Inc., Polyandrous Trading Group Ltd., Exim International Inc., Glenneyre Equity Group Ltd., Dana Leasing, Inc., Patagonia Development SA, Patagonia Commercial SA, Quicksilver Development SA, Marshall Worldwide Ltd., Titan Capital SA, B&V Union Technologies Inc., Jozette Jamie Lee, Pam Fernley, Gaynell T. Harry, The Leeward Family Trust, The Albright Living Trust, Laurencio Jaen, Leopoldo Kennion, Teodoro F. Franco, Nixia Aurora Zerna, Kevin Harrington, Tim Harrington, Reliant Interactive Media Corp., Union Bank of California, Union Securities Ltd., Dominic Busto, Madison Stock Transfer, Inc., Michael Ajzenman, Bank of Montreal, Deborah Caldwell, Equitrade Securities Inc., Don Carrig, Stephen H. Roebuck, Kim Carroll, Canaccord Capital Corp., Brad Scharfe, John Skinner, MJK Clearing Services, Royal Bank of Canada, West America Securities, Banco de Costa Rica, Yorkton Securities, Tar Financial Group Inc., Cal Meese, Tarja Mordo, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., Richard Frank, Emily Ysais, Global Securities, Steve Regoci, Dundee Securities, John Horword, ED&P Investments AG, Erwin Haas, MFC Merchant Bank SA, Marta Pardo, Michael Smith, Golden Capital Securities, Ltd., Mellon Securities Trust Corp., Swiss American Securities, Lines Overseas Management, Trevo Kidd, Cardinal Capital Management Inc., Chris Dorst, Bank August Roth AG, Credit Lyonnais (Schweiz) AG, Bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. (Schweiz) Ltd., Public Securities, and Michael Bascetta at the U. S. District Court for the District of Utah.