Mike Winfield

    BFCL comes to an ignominious end

    One of the most ambitious property developments in Bermuda's history that eventually turned into a four-year embarrassment for its sponsors has ended in typically ignominious fashion. Bermuda Financial Centre Limited was struck off from the Bermuda companies register on December 19 by the authorities and, three days later, the listing of its preference shares was cancelled by the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

    BFCL reaches make of break point

    Investors in Bermuda Financial Centre Ltd., which has been attempting to finance a planned $138 million hotel/office/residences project, should know within two months whether the company will succeed or fail, we have been told. The next announcement from BFCL to its investors is likely to be whether the project has succeeded in raising at least $58.7 million for the office part of the complex or failed, according to sources involved with the project.

    BFCL tries to pre-lease 70 per cent of office space

    The Bermuda Financial Centre Ltd development in Hamilton will go ahead as planned if the company can pre-lease 70 per cent of the project's office space, BFCL's president Mike Winfield us yesterday. Raising enough debt and equity to build the $82.5 million office space/luxury residences phase of the project no longer appears to be a problem, providing the lease commitments for the office space can be put into place.

    Bank of Bermuda resigns as BFCL’s financial advisor

    Bermuda International Investment Management Ltd - a subsidiary of the Bank of Bermuda - has resigned as financial advisor to the Bermuda Financial Centre Ltd after failing to raise $82.5 million to get the hotel, office and luxury residences project off the ground.

    BFCL management contract could change hands

    The multi-million dollar contract to manage the Bermuda Financial Centre Ltd project may soon be up for grabs. Winworth Ltd, which is owned by Mike Winfield, Heather Robinson and Fraser Butterworth, is on the verge of giving up the contract, we have been told.

    BFCL plans $5 m IPO

    Bermudians will soon be invited to buy in to the international business industry — by purchasing shares in a new company planning to replace the Bermudiana Hotel with a posh, five-star business hotel and office complex. The project, which includes a big convention and leisure centre, could be completed in 1996 and is expected to inject millions of dollars into the economy.