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‘Crime consultant’ Kenneth Rijock sued over ‘campaign of fake news’

A default has been entered against financial crime blogger Kenneth Rijock at federal court in his home jurisdiction of Miami in a bizarre libel action in which he was accused of conducting a "scurrilous campaign" of "fake news" against a Canadian wealth management firm as "revenge" for preventing an "elderly client" from transferring funds to a dubious Florida firm for which Rijock was "chief compliance officer".

Sharon Lexa Lamb v. Kenneth Rijock et al: Counterclaim

Defense of Sharon Lexa Lamb in Lawrence Beverley Heath and Willaud Corporation v. The Dundee Merchant Bank and Sharon Lexa Lamb and Counterclaim in Sharon Lexa Lamb v. Lawrence Beverley Heath, Monte Friesner, and Kenneth Rijock at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.