Nancy Lake

Judge slams hedge fund fraudster for ‘abuse’ of court system

Investment fraudster Ian Renert has been severely criticized by a judge in the Bahamas, who accused him of “duplicity and dishonesty” and of abusing the legal system during four years of litigation.After defrauding investors in his offshore hedge funds, Renert then sought to mislead the judiciary in an effort to impede civil and criminal investigations into his activities by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, the SEC in the United States and an unidentified U. S. law enforcement agency, stated Mr. Justice Lyons in a ruling on June 21, 2005.

Court battle looms for control of Hawthorne-Sterling fund group

A crucial hearing in the battle for control of the Hawthorne-Sterling group of mutual funds is due to take place at Bahamas Supreme Court on November 1. Florida-based Ian L. Renert wants the court to remove accountant Clifford Culmer as Receiver of 36 companies within Renert's group and be allowed to relocate them to Nevis.