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    Caron Addesso et al v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia et al: Complaint

    Complaint in Caron Addesso, Jorge Alban, Sandy Alberto, Raul Alcivar, Candida Almonte, Doria S Alvarez, Juan Alvarez, Maria Alvarez, Jose Alvarracin, Rosa Beatriz Angamarca, Rossina Angulo, James Appio, Michael Arendt, Betsy Arruda-Loor, Kleber Arteaga, Joseph Asciolla, Derlim Avila, Edward Barlotta, Raul Barreto, Susan Bentley, Robert Bortell, Mary Boudreau-Perdomo, Jorge Bravo, Vincent Briganti, Christopher Brown, German Ernesto Bunay, Charles Burress, Ana Camareno, Rodrigo Campozano, Consuelo Campuzano, Alfred Canonico, Catterine Cardona, Linda Carrillo, Salvatore Cassaniti, Charles Catanese, Thomas Cawley, Adolf Cebula, Justina Claret, Michael Colantuono, Benjamin Colecchia, Jacqueline Colon, Rosabel Colon, Louis S. Conzo, Daniel Corchado, Martin Coyne, Debra Credendino, William Crowley, Julio Cruz, Dean Curti, Mieczyslaw Dabrowski, Maurice Davis, Wayne Dawkins, James Arthur DeMatteo, Michael Decker, Wieslaw Demko, Clark Denis, Castrenze DiCarlo, Thomas DiCostanza, Ruth Diaz, Pancri Diez, Rosa Diez, Frank Dileo, Michael Divirgilio, Michael Dolan, Francisco Dominguez, Nick Dousmanis, Thomas Dowdle, Robert Doyle, Stanislaw Drozdz, Oran Eberhart, Jorge Encalada, Nancy Espinosa-Cardenas, Aniello Esposito, Gerard Evans, Louis Failla, Christopher Favale, Gladys Feliciano, Anthony Fischetti, Anthony Forgione, Dzile Frangu, Manuel Freytes, Wilson Gallegos, Andres Garcia, Robert Garcia, Roy Garcia, Pavlos Gatzonis, William Gavin, Richard Gazzola, Edir Giraldo, Hitier Giraldo, Abel Gomes, Michael J. Gona, Robert Guendel, Samuel Guiracocha, Carlos Guzman, Henry Hachemeister, Michael Harrigan, Sean Harte, Enrique Hermida, Jorge Hernandez, and Joseph Heron v. Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Al Rajhi Bank, Dallah Avco Trans Arabia, Dubai Islamic Bank, International Islamic Relief Organization, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Binladin Company, Mohamed Binladin Organization, Muslim World League, National Commercial Bank, Prince Mohamed Bin Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Binladin Group, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, and Yasin Kadi at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    The United States continues to mop up Grenada’s offshore mess

    Verlin D. Swartzendruber, 66, became the latest person suspected of perpetrating an investment fraud through a Grenada-domiciled company to appear before a federal judge in the United States. Swartzendruber, a.k.a. Joseph Severin, was arrested in Texas on June 26, 2008 - 19 months after a warrant for his arrest was issued at the U. S. District Court for the District of North Dakota.

    Tri-Continental Exchange Ltd. et al: Chapter 15 Petition (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

    Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Malcolm Butterfield, Brian Glasgow, and Simon Whicker, as the Foreign Representatives of Tri-Continental Exchange Ltd., Combined Services Ltd., and Alternative Market Exchange Ltd., at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California.

    St. Vincent & The Grenadines: Rodger Dalrymple

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in St. Vincent & The Grenadines into Rodger Dalrymple for suspected theft and money laundering.

    Ex-FIBG promoter convicted of separate offshore bank scam

    A United States national who once promoted the First International Bank of Grenada has been convicted of perpetrating a separate fraud through another offshore bank.Paul James Peiffer, of S. W. York Street, Beaverton, Oregon, was convicted of 25 counts of wire fraud, one count of making a false bankruptcy filing, and one count of false oaths on February 15, 2006 following a jury trial at the U. S. District Court for the District of Oregon.

    Second indictment against ex-FIBG director

    A former director of the First International Bank of Grenada has been criminally indicted for a second time concerning another alleged offshore scam.The latest indictment against Robert Skirving was brought at the U. S. District Court for the District of Oregon on March 15, 2005 and amended on April 20, 2005.

    FIBG stripped of assets just before collapse, says liquidator

    First International Bank of Grenada founder Van Brink stripped $4.5 million of assets out of the bank not long before it went bust, according to its liquidator.In his third report to creditors dated June 1, 2002, Marcus A. Wide, of PricewaterhouseCoopers, reported that details of the asset transfers were contained "unsigned minutes from FIBG's June 2000 Board of Directors meeting".

    Creditor forces Mariner International Bank into Receivership

    A Receiver has been appointed for St. Vincent & the Grenadines-licensed Mariner International Bank Ltd. following a court application from a creditor claiming to be owed US$818,379. The local High Court appointed chartered accountant Linton A. Lewis as Receiver of MIB on March 15, 2002. Lewis is a former head of the Offshore Finance Authority in St. Vincent.

    Verlin Swartzendruber (a.k.a. Joseph Severin) discusses high returns in Grenada

    Verlin D. Swartzendruber, 58, has joined the growing band of Americans who have obtained Grenada passports under second names and started raising funds from the island with the lure of high returns. Under his new name of Joseph Severin, Swartzendruber runs Grenada-registered Preferred Trust and Management Ltd, which raises money through continuous stock offering in various companies it manages.

    Meridian Investment Bank has license revoked in Grenada

    Meridian Investment Bank, whose principals include a plumber and an officer with the Canadian Space Agency, has become the latest bank in Grenada to have its license revoked amid allegations of fraud.MIB's banking license was revoked effective September 4, 2001

    Offshore criminal activity continues unabated in Grenada

    Regulators in Grenada are continuing to allow banks belonging to the First International Bank of Grenada group to operate on the island despite FIBG's massive insolvency, we can reveal. The National Commercial Bank of St. Vincent, which is government-owned, is also continuing to provide banking services despite having its UK assets frozen recently over the FIBG fiasco.

    Grenada Prime Minister clears FIBG of illegal acts

    The massive financial scam being committed in Grenada by Canadian and American crooks has reached new levels of farce after the island's government announced that it had investigated - and cleared - the First International Bank of Grenada of any wrongdoing. Grenadian Prime Minister Keith Mitchell gave the bank a clean bill of health at a press conference held on July 23 and attended by local journalists.