Nexo Capital

Nexo Capital Inc.: $22.5M Fine (‘Unregistered Crypto Offering’)

Administrative Order by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission imposing a civil money penalty of $22.5 million on Nexo Capital Inc., described as a Cayman Islands-domiciled provider of "crypto asset-related financial products and services", for an unregistered securities offering.

Crypto lender Nexo Capital sues Cayman regulator for rejecting license application

On the day its offices were raided in Bulgaria last week, and four of its employees criminally charged with money laundering and fraud, the Nexo crypto lending group sued the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for rejecting its licensing application and is seeking a court declaration that it is "suitable to be registered".

Nexo Inc. et al: Cease and Desist Order (Kentucky)

Emergency Order to Cease and Desist Order in the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions v. Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions v. Nexo Inc., of the Cayman Islands; Nexo Capital Inc., of the Cayman Islands, and Nexo Group, which "comprises business entities organized primarily in European jurisdictions".

BitMEX v. Nexo Capital Inc. et al: Judgment (‘880 Bitcoin Dispute’)

Judgment regarding ownership of "approximately 880 bitcoin, equivalent to approximately £30 million at current prices" in HDR Global Trading Limited, d.b.a. BitMEX, of the Seychelles, operator of "a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and trading platform" v. Nexo Capital Inc., of the Cayman Islands, and Georgi Shulev, of Bulgaria, described as "co-founder of the Nexo group", and at the High Court of Justice for England and Wales.

Ongoing Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Schemes: Tether & NEXO

This video looks at Tether and NEXO, two ongoing questionable schemes in the crypto industry that collectively involve hundreds of billions of dollars. Speakers: Edward Normand, Partner, Roche Freedman; Eric Rosen, Partner, Roche Freedman; and Kyle Roche, Partner, Roche Freedman.

Junhan Jeong v. Nexo Financial LLC et al: Class Action Complaint

Class Action Complaint in Junhan Jeong v. Nexo Financial LLC, Nexo Financial Services Ltd., of England; Nexo Services OÜ, of Estonia; Nexo AG, of Switzerland, and Nexo Capital Inc., of the Cayman Islands, at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.