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    Grand Island Master Fund et al v. Close Brothers et al: Writ of Summons

    Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim filed by the liquidators of Grand Island Master Fund Limited, Grand Island Income Fund, Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund, and Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund II against Close Brothers (Cayman) Limited and John Sutlic at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

    RCTG Investments Ltd. et al v. Scotia Capital Inc.: Statement of Claim

    Statement of Claim filed by RCTG Investments Limited, Caribbean Commodities Ltd., Grand Island Income Fund, Grand Island Master Fund Limited, Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund, and Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund II against Scotia Capital Inc. at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, in Canada.

    Insider Talking: August 4, 2008

    The recent collapse in suspicious circumstances of four investment funds in the Cayman Islands which were established by one of the island's leading local businessmen - Naul Bodden - highlights the absurd level of secrecy that exists in all offshore financial centers that are currently or formerly UK Overseas Territories and, for that matter, the UK itself; Meanwhile, as one of Cayman's worst local company collapses was unfolding, a much-accomplished regulator who would have inspired confidence among the international community that the liquidations would be handled properly, Tim Ridley, was being replaced, effective July 27, 2008, as Chairman of the supposedly-independent Cayman Islands Monetary Authority by Carlyle McLaughlin, who is a cousin of Alden McLaughlin, a senior member of the Cayman Islands Government; Continuing on a Cayman theme, OffshoreAlert noticed that a US-based entrepreneur, Uthman Villanueva, using a business name of 'Golden Crest Consulting' a 'hotmail' email address and a PO Box mailing address in New York, NY, registered the domain name '' as recently as June 28, 2008 - just a few weeks before the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation was due to hold a hearing into tax avoidance and evasion in offshore financial centers; and Three founders of a fraudulent, offshore-focused outfit that was known first as the Global Prosperity Group and later as the Institute of Global Prosperity, received prison-terms for tax crimes at federal court in the USA on July 28, 2008.

    Insider Talking: May 31, 2000

    International Financial Privacy Association's '6,000 square foot' office building fails to materialize, fraudulently-operated World Investors' Stock Exchange shamelessly targets the elderly, Imperium Bank offers double-digit annual returns, Cayman Islands Court of Appeal upholds decision to remove Chris Johnson and Nick Freeland as liquidators of local Cash 4 Titles firms, Eugene Chusid's Digital Commerce Bank, John Bourbon and Valia Theodoraki appointed heads of Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, respectively; Nigel Scott Grant - sorting out fact from fiction on his Curriculum Vitae.