Novus Fintech

Coworth Investments Ltd. et al: Dubai FSA’s ‘Regulatory Clarification’

Dubai Financial Service Authority's "Clarification regarding the regulatory status" of Coworth Investments Ltd., Coworth Fintech Ltd., and Novus Fintech Ltd. Editor's Note: As previously reported by OffshoreAlert, Coworth and Novus are part of a group controlled by British fraudster Richard Fagan.

Michael McDaid v. Novus Fintech Ltd.: Judgment

Judgment regarding an employment dispute in Michael McDaid v. Novus Fintech Limited, of Dubai, at the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts. Editor's Note: Novus Fintech Limited was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert in February 2021. The company is operated by United Kingdom national Stuart Coles and is part of a group whose principals include British/Irish serial investment fraudster Richard Fagan.