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    White Rock Insurance (SAC) Ltd. v. Vesttoo Ltd. et al: ‘Asset Freeze’ Petition (‘Letters of Credit Fraud’)

    Petition seeking "an injunction freezing the assets of Respondents Vesttoo Ltd. and its subsidiaries ... pending arbitrations of White Rock’s claims against Vesttoo, stemming from an apparent large-scale fraud scheme surrounding letters of credit" in White Rock Insurance (SAC) Ltd., described as "a Bermuda exempted segregated accounts company" v. Vesttoo Ltd., described as "a privately-held company registered under the laws of Israel", and its subsidiaries, Vesttoo Bay XIV, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XV, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XVII, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XIX, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XX, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XXI, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XXII, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XXIV, L.P., Vesttoo Bay XXV, L.P., Vesttoo Bay 101, L.P., Vesttoo Bay 102, L.P., Vesttoo Partners 103, L.P., all of Israel; Vesttoo Asset Management LLC, Vesttoo Reinsurance Intermediary Services Inc., Vesttoo RT SPV LLC, Vesttoo Securities (USA) LLC, Vesttoo SPV Holdings LLC, Vesttoo US Inc., all of Delaware, USA, and Vesttoo Reinsurance Intermediary Services Inc., of New York, USA, at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.