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    Whitney Bank bank fails to quash Villalobos-related subpoena

    A bank in the United States has failed in its bid to quash a subpoena requiring it to turn over records for a criminal investigation in Costa Rica into a business known as 'The Brothers'.Whitney Bank, in New Orleans, Louisiana, had argued it would expose itself to potential civil liability from its clients if it complied with the subpoena without notifying them beforehand.

    Costa Rica: Luis Enrique Villalobos Camacho et al

    Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in Costa Rica into Osvaldo Villalobos Camacho, Luis Enrique Villalobos Camacho and Freddy Villalobos Camacho for allegedly laundering the proceeds of narcotics trafficking by Bertrand Henri St-Onge, Sandra Kerwin St-Onge, Luc St-Onge, Richard Rivers and Norman Denault.