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SKAT v. John van Merkensteijn et al: BVI Judicial Assistance

Motion for Issuance of a Request for International Judicial Assistance to Obtain Evidence in the British Virgin Islands from Harneys Corporate Services Limited, Intershore Consult (BVI) Ltd., Intertrust Corporate Services (BVI) Limited, MMG Trust (BVI) Corp., Mossack Fonseca & Co. (BVI) Limited, by its liquidator, Deloitte Ltd. (BVI); Overseas Management Company Trust (BVI) Ltd., Sentinel International Management SA, and Vistra (BVI) Limited regarding an allegedly fraudulent 12.7 billion Danish Kroner tax refund fraud scheme whose "principal organizer" was identified as Dubai-based British national Sanjay Shah in Skatteforvaltningen, a.k.a. SKAT, Denmark's tax collection agency v. John van Merkensteijn, Richard Markowitz, Bernina Pension Plan Trust, RJM Capital Pension Plan Trust, 2321 Capital Pension Plan, Bowline Management Pension Plan, California Catalog Company Pension Plan, Clove Pension Plan, Davin Investments Pension Plan, Delvian LLC Pension Plan, DFL Investments Pension Plan, Laegeler Asset Management Pension Plan, Lion Advisory Inc. Pension Plan, Mill River Capital Management Pension Plan, Next Level Pension Plan, Rajan Investments LLC Pension Plan, Spirit on the Water Pension Plan, and Traden Investments Pension Plan at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.