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Letter from Bermuda: New way to combat speeding – Raise the Limit!

Politicians tend to be held in low regard all over the world. For many, the notion of public service seems to mean nothing more than the chance to get rich. Bermuda, where a tiny talent pool is spread so thin that our political scene is a travesty of governance, is no exception.Having only 60,000 inhabitants would be reason enough to limit the number of politicians, but we apply no limits. On the contrary, some of our political constituencies include as few as 700 voters, and none exceed 1,200. We are among the world's most over-represented people, and yet among the most poorly represented in terms of quality.

David Saul quits as Bermuda’s premier

Bermuda was in shock last week following the sudden resignation of David Saul as Premier after just 19 months in office.Saul caught everyone by surprise by giving only a week's notice that he was stepping down as leader and announcing that he was also quitting as an MP a few days after that.His resignation has caused concern among international businessmen, who fear a leadership battle could affect the economy.