Paul Segal

Symtomax, Lda: Shareholders

List of shareholders of Symtomax, Lda. as of May 31st, 2021, obtained from the companies register in Portugal.

Privilege Wealth One LP: Insolvency Notification

Letter to investors from Privilege Wealth Management Limited, as general partner of Privilege Wealth One LP, notifying them that Privilege Wealth Plc has gone into administration and that the group is insolvent.

Advalorem Value Asset Fund Ltd. v. William Redford et al: Freezing Order Judgment

Judgment regarding freezing order application in Advalorem Value Asset Fund Limited (in Liquidation) v. William Francis Redford, Robert Stuart Stark, Brian Weal, Advalorem Asset Management Limited, Mark Compson, Minette Compson, Gregory King, Thistle Holdings Limited, and Michael Kane at Gibraltar Supreme Court.

Belvedere associate Brian Weal’s latest fraud: Publicly-listed Etaireia Investments

OffshoreAlert's continuing investigation into Belvedere Management Group and its affiliates has uncovered another ongoing investment fraud, this one involving British firm Etaireia Investments Plc, whose shares are listed on the London-based ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange and which has raised at least £1.5 million over the last 15 months.