Paula Cox

Letter from Bermuda: The Keystone Cops, Colonel Klink & a looming general strike

After an exceptionally mild spring, summer heat suddenly erupted in Bermuda late in June. Almost simultaneously, the fabric of society fell apart. The prognosis for this summer and fall is at least one general strike against our supposedly labour government, with the potential for riots. And that's before the rise in gasoline prices drives our gas later this year beyond $10 a gallon, our bread beyond $8 a loaf, and our electric bills beyond our reach altogether. Change is coming to the Bermuda economy, and it's going to be ugly.

Letter from Bermuda: Premier drags Bermuda into gutter

In recent weeks, our premier, Dr. Ewart Brown, has set new lows in the standards of local governance. Sleaze and anger have become his hallmarks, the abuse of power his weapon of choice. He arrests his enemies - coincidentally, he says - without charging them. He throws writs around like confetti, especially against the media, trying to delay publication of details of his alleged misconduct until he can be elected to the office he inherited last October. He accuses unknown white people of a “supremacist oligarchy” and has all but shut down the notion of justice in a country that not long ago had a proud record of integrity and stability.

Letter from Bermuda: Offensive Government Leaders

Even the most socially aware can succumb to compassion fatigue, the exhaustion caused by caring too much about those less fortunate than ourselves. Caring is a part-time occupation for most of us, so if we take a break from it, not a great deal of damage would be done. What happens, however, when a government stops caring about the people it was elected to serve and protect? We have a Progressive Labour Party (PLP) government. The promise in those words — “progressive” and “labour” — suggests to the poor and less comfortable that someone is looking out for them. The PLP promise, however, appears to be worth little.

Letter from Bermuda: Budget delivered with forked tongue

Only very rarely do Bermudians agree on anything. We prefer to divide our opinion on any issue along any available lines. Most often, the racial divide ensures that we have divergent views, but we are not opposed to splitting along economic, geographic or any other grounds, just so long as we do not share a consensus. Thus when the Bermuda Government recently took steps to solve a non-problem relating to real estate, by banning sales of property to non-Bermudians, and may have inadvertently burst the real estate bubble, half of us thought it an act of the greatest possible stupidity, and the other half applauded the fact that, as we drown, we will be taking a few foreigners with us.

Bermuda outlaws insider trading & stock manipulation

Market manipulation and insider trading have finally become illegal in Bermuda.An amendment to the existing Criminal Code outlawing the practices passed its final legislative hurdle on July 23, 2004 when it was approved by the Bermuda Senate.