Peter Kruger

    Bankruptcy action in Cayman against Peter Kruger

    Four years after filing an apparently false bankruptcy in Switzerland, Swiss national Peter Kruger is again subject to bankruptcy proceedings - this time in his adopted home of the Cayman Islands.

    Kruger loses Cayman extradition battle as another fugitive, John Felderhof, arrives

    As one millionaire fugitive was finally forced to leave his paradise island hiding place to face the music back home, another took his place to cause further embarrassment to the Cayman Islands.Swiss businessman Peter Kruger gave up a 16 month battle to escape justice by leaving the Cayman Islands on May 15 to return to Switzerland to face charges of bankruptcy fraud involving nearly US$272 million.But his place in the public eye has already been taken by John Felderhof, the former chief geologist of Bre-X Minerals, a would-be mining firm that defrauded investors of about $4 billion through false claims of gold finds in Indonesia.

    Peter Kruger gives up extradition fight in Cayman

    Swiss national Peter Kruger, who is wanted in Switzerland on charges of filing a false bankruptcy of US$270 million, has given up his long fight against extradition from the Cayman Islands and has said he will voluntarily return to his homeland in the "very near future".