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    Privilege Wealth Plc: Third Progress Report of Administrators

    Administrators' Progress Report by insolvency practitioners Stephen Katz and John Kelmanson regarding Privilege Wealth Plc, a British firm that collapsed after being exposed as the perpetrator of an investment fraud by OffshoreAlert in 2016.

    Privilege Wealth Management Ltd.: Chapter 15 Petition (Gibraltar)

    Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in Gibraltar by David Ingram and Freddie White, of Grant Thornton, as the Foreign Representative of Privilege Wealth Management Limited, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    Privilege Wealth One LP: Chapter 15 Petition (Gibraltar)

    Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in Gibraltar by David Ingram and Freddie White, as the Foreign Representatives of Privilege Wealth One Limited Partnership, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    Privilege Wealth Plc reports £42M ‘deficiency’

    In a 'Statement of Affairs' filed with Companies House in Britain yesterday, investment fraudster Privilege Wealth Plc reported an estimated deficiency of £42 million. Of that amount, the company reported that £39.55 million is owed to investors, £2.5 million owed to its directors, and £124,038 to trade creditors.

    Privilege Wealth One LP: Insolvency Notification

    Letter to investors from Privilege Wealth Management Limited, as general partner of Privilege Wealth One LP, notifying them that Privilege Wealth Plc has gone into administration and that the group is insolvent.

    Helix Investment Management SLP v. Privilege Direct Corp. et al: Complaint

    Complaint in Helix Investment Management, SLP, on behalf of Helix Securitisation Fund Compartment 'Privilege Wealth' v. Privilege Direct Corp., Oliphant Financial Group, LLC, Oliphant Financial Corporation, and Robert A. Morris at the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

    Liquidation meeting scheduled for fraudulent Privilege Wealth Plc

    The directors of British firm Privilege Wealth Plc, which was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert nearly 15 months ago, have convened a creditors' meeting for January 12th to consider a resolution to wind-up the company and appoint a liquidator.

    Privilege Wealth Notes suspended on Bermuda Stock Exchange

    Trading in one of the main fund-raising vehicles for the fraudulently-operated Privilege Wealth investment group has been suspended by the Bermuda Stock Exchange after its Listing Sponsor, Estera Securities, formerly Appleby Securities, apparently resigned.

    Privilege Wealth websites go down as chaotic collapse continues

    The two main websites for Privilege Wealth's fraudulent investment scheme have gone off-line as the Marbella, Spain-based group continues to collapse in chaos. The group is threatening to bring a "class action" against OffshoreAlert, which it says is "100% liable" for investors' losses, which an insider estimated to be more than $40 million.
    Chris Burton

    Privilege Wealth suspends redemptions amid shooting & ‘$40m deficit’

    Five months after being exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert, the Privilege Wealth investment scheme has collapsed, with an insider claiming there is a deficit of more than $40 million. Redemptions to investors have been suspended, Privilege Wealth's main office - a call center in Panama - has closed after the attempted murder of its boss - a fraud fugitive in Spain - and unpaid payroll and the group's registered agent in Gibraltar has resigned.

    Gibraltar judge orders Privilege Wealth to produce records

    A Gibraltar judge has ordered an inspection of the books and records of a limited partnership that underpins the Privilege Wealth investment group, which was exposed as a fraudulent enterprise by OffshoreAlert five months ago. The order was issued after Privilege Wealth allegedly ignored a request for inspection from one of its limited partners.

    HELIX Investment: ‘Privilege Wealth intends to sue OffshoreAlert’

    Announcement on the Bermuda Stock Exchange by HELIX Investment Management SLP, of Luxembourg, that the group it raises funds for, Privilege Wealth, intends to sue OffshoreAlert for defamation regarding an article exposing Privilege Wealth as a global investment fraud.
    Brett Jolly Privilege Wealth

    EXPOSED: ‘Privilege Wealth’ global investment fraud

    Notorious British swindler Brett Jolly is secretly behind a global investment fraud being perpetrated under the name 'Privilege Wealth', OffshoreAlert can reveal. The scheme involves a sprawling web of companies and operators in Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dubai, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg, Panama, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, UK, and USA.