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Elizabeth von Pezold et al v. Zimbabwe: Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award

Petition to Recognize Arbitration Award of $263 million, £10 million, ZAR745,498, and €1,163, plus interest, for "Zimbabwe's expropriation of the von Pezolds' property" in Elizabeth Regina Maria Gabriele von Pezold, of Austria; Anna Eleonore Elisabeth Webber, of Austria; Heinrich Bernd Alexander Josef von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Maria Juliane Andrea Christiane Katharina Batthyàny, of Austria; Georg Philipp Marcel Johann Lukas von Pezold, of Zimbabwe; Felix Alard Moritz Hermann, of Switzerland; Johann Friedrich Georg Ludwig von Pezold, of Scotland, and Adam Friedrich Carl Leopold Franz Severin von Pezold, of the Czech Republic, collectively descibed as "all members of the von Pezold family and are all German and Swiss nationals" v. Republic of Zimbabwe at the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia.