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    Kijani Resources Ltd. et al: Investor Notice (‘Simon Hooper Approach’)

    'Investor Notice' by PwC, as liquidators of Kijani Resources Limited and Ratio Limited, both of Gibraltar, warning them about a solicitation from Simon Hooper, a British convicted fraudster whom the liquidators described as "a former director of both companies", regarding the Kijani Commodity Funds.
    Ocean Polymers

    Richard Fagan-linked Ocean Polymers staves off compulsory strike-off

    A seemingly fraudulent British company that has raised £1.4 million from investors to 'clean up the world's oceans' has belatedly filed its annual accounts to stave off forced dissolution. Ocean Polymers Ltd. filed its 2021 accounts two months' late on April 1st - one day after OffshoreAlert asked the firm's principals about a compulsory strike-off action by the Registrar of Companies.

    Kijani Resources Ltd. v. Richard Fagan et al: $134M Judgment Application

    Application for a default judgment in the amount of $134 million against Richard Fagan, Simon Hooper, and William Redford in Edgar Lavarello and Simon Conway, as Joint Liquidators of Kijani Resources Limited (in Liquidation) v. Richard Fagan, Simon Hooper, Lisa Billington, and William Redford at Gibraltar Supreme Court.

    Coworth Investments Ltd. et al: Dubai FSA’s ‘Regulatory Clarification’

    Dubai Financial Service Authority's "Clarification regarding the regulatory status" of Coworth Investments Ltd., Coworth Fintech Ltd., and Novus Fintech Ltd. Editor's Note: As previously reported by OffshoreAlert, Coworth and Novus are part of a group controlled by British fraudster Richard Fagan.

    Michael McDaid v. Novus Fintech Ltd.: Judgment

    Judgment regarding an employment dispute in Michael McDaid v. Novus Fintech Limited, of Dubai, at the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts. Editor's Note: Novus Fintech Limited was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert in February 2021. The company is operated by United Kingdom national Stuart Coles and is part of a group whose principals include British/Irish serial investment fraudster Richard Fagan.

    Blackfriars Holdings Ltd. et al v. Richard Oliver Fagan: Claim Form

    Claim Form in Blackfriars Holdings Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands, and Corinthian Trust Company Limited, of Gibraltar, as Trustee of the Equitable Trust, v. Richard Oliver Fagan, of England, at the High Court of Justice for England and Wales, Chancery Division.

    Belvedere’s Brighton SPC taken over by Cayman regulator

    Belvedere Management Group fund vehicle Brighton SPC, which was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert 11 weeks ago, has been taken over by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority following the completion of a "forensic examination" by the regulator.

    BUSTED: British & Irish expats who help Belvedere Group swindle investors

    One day after new directors were appointed to 'ensure' that Cayman-domiciled Brighton SPC would be operated legally, the Fund illegally acquired a Gibraltar firm with bogus assets of $125 million, OffshoreAlert can reveal. The transfer allowed Belvedere and its accomplices in Britain, Dubai, Gibraltar, Spain and elsewhere to continue securities frauds involving firms listed on stock exchanges in Denmark, England and Germany.

    EXPOSED: Belvedere Management’s massive criminal enterprise

    Offshore fund group Belvedere Management, which claims to have $16 billion of assets under administration, management and advisory, appears to be one of the biggest criminal financial enterprises in history, headed by David Cosgrove, Cobus Kellermann and Kenneth Maillard, OffshoreAlert can reveal.