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MRM in class action settlement talks

Negotiations are underway to settle a class action lawsuit filed by shareholders against Mutual Risk Management and several of its former officers and directors.Details are contained in a filing at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of California on July 30, 2003 in which the defendants agreed to withdraw their motion to dismiss the complaint.

New lawsuit filed against Mutual Risk Management

One new civil complaint was filed against Mutual Risk Management in May - a month when the group announced a restructuring through a Scheme of Arrangement in an attempt to stave off liquidation.The action was brought by Stephen Friedberg against

Mutual Risk Management finally files 2001 financials

At a time when Mutual Risk Management was desperate for cash to meet its liabilities, its then Chairman and CEO, Robert Mulderig, owed the firm an advance of $318,303, according to an SEC filing. Details of the debt, which has

Robert Mulderig replaced by David Ezekiel at MRM

Robert Mulderig has retired as Chairman and CEO of financially troubled Mutual Risk Management Ltd., effective November 1, 2002, according to an MRM filing with the SEC. He has been replaced by David Ezekiel, who is President and Managing Director

New lawsuits filed against Mutual Risk Management

Three new civil lawsuits - one in Bermuda and two in the United States - have been filed against members of the Mutual Risk Management group.On July 30, 2002, Aegis Corporation and Principal Insurance Managers filed an action against Mutual Indemnity (Bermuda) Ltd. at Bermuda Supreme Court.

MRM insider trades

The collapse of Mutual Risk Management's stock price shows the wisdom of several insiders who reported last November that they had exercised options and sold shares for a profit, rather than hang on to them.Records filed with the SEC shows that insiders made a combined profit of $533,133 on the stock market by exercising options at $15.14 per share and selling them for between $17.82 and $18.73.

MRM and insiders snap up the company’s stock

Mutual Risk Management and its officers and directors have taken advantage of the recent massive collapse in the company's stock price by aggressively snapping up shares on the open market.

MRM’s millionaire insurance bosses

Mutual Risk Management chairman and CEO Robert Mulderig received a financial package worth $2.67 million for fiscal 1997, according to the company's latest Proxy Statement filing with the SEC. Mulderig received a salary of $452,250, a bonus of $486,842, pension contributions of $11,309 and a profit of $1.72 million from exercising stock options. His right-hand man, John Kessock, who is president of the company, received a package valued at $2.64 million, comprising a salary of $452,504, a bonus of $486,842, pension contributions of $4,000 and a stock option profit of $1.7 million.