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    Newt Utopia: March 31, 2004

    Around the Caribbean Antigua is completely and totally Birdless 90% plus of those eligible to vote queued up in the rain to cast their ballot. People stood in lines for hours to make their mark and boy did they. It

    IMT promotes ‘High Yield investments’ at Dominica’s airport

    Peddlers of "High Yield Investments" normally solicit business in hushed tones at churches and private offices, so dubious are their products.Not so International Management & Trust Services Inc., which has the words emblazoned in large, upper case letters on a

    The fiasco surrounding the collapse of American International Bank and the dubious track record of William Cooper

    Further information has come our way this month that sheds more light on the collapse of American International Bank and the fiasco that ensued after the same people who caused its problems attempted to transfer the business into another entity they controlled. It seems that American businessman William W. Cooper and his wife, who co-owned AIB, closed down the bank at the end of December, 1997 and transferred its business on January 2 to a new Antigua-registered entity called Overseas Development Bank Ltd.

    Battle for control of American International Bank assets

    A battle is taking place for control of the assets of American International Bank Ltd. of Antigua, which went into receivership earlier this year. The bank's demise happened after its principal, William Cooper, tried to set up a new bank called Overseas Development Bank Ltd. to buy AIB, said sources.