Sanne Group

Hunters Investments Ltd. v. Sanne Holdings Ltd. et al: Judgment

Judgment granting an application to remove Carey Olsen as legal representatives of four of the five defendants due to a conflict of interest in a case regarding allegations of fraud involving the valuation of Sanne Holdings Limited and Sanne Fiduciary Services Limited in Hunters Investments Limited v. Geoffrey Crill, Simon Young, Peter Machon, Sanne Holdings Limited, Sanne Fiduciary Services Limited, formerly known as Sanne Trust Company Limited, at the Royal Court of Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

CISE suspends Argentum Capital after OffshoreAlert exposes Ponzi scheme

The Channel Islands Securities Exchange yesterday suspended the listing of London-based Argentum Capital Ltd. - three days after OffshoreAlert exposed the litigation fund as part of a £90 m Ponzi scheme headed by Briton Brendan Terrill, who operates Cayman-domiciled Centaur Litigation and Hong Kong-domiciled Buttonwood Legal Capital.