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Stirling Cooke name change halted due to clash

Goldman Sachs-controlled Stirling Cooke's proposed name change to Atlantic Star Insurance Group Ltd. has been halted at the eleventh hour after it was discovered the name clashed with an existing firm. Curious as to why the company had not yet effected a name change that was approved at Stirling Cooke's AGM as long ago as May 23, 2001, InsideBermuda asked Stirling Cooke for an explanation.

Stirling Cooke plans name change to ‘Atlantic Star Insurance’

Stirling Cooke Brown Holdings plans to change its name to Atlantic Star Insurance Group Limited as part a re-branding of the beleaguered broker. Shareholders will vote on the name change at the company's annual general meeting on May 23, according to the company's recent Proxy filing with the SEC.

AXA Re sues over Hollywood movie financing fiasco

Paris-based AXA Re, which faces massive losses from reinsuring Hollywood movies, has filed a lawsuit against Stirling Cooke Brown Holdings, which brokered a small portion of the business. Stirling Cooke Brown Holdings Ltd., Stirling Cooke Brown Reinsurance Brokers Ltd. and one of the group's former brokers, Sawtantar Sharma, are defendants with Chase Manhattan Bank and George Litto Pictures Inc., of Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, in a lawsuit filed on May 2, 2000 at the Supreme Court for the State of New York.
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