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    Scandinavian Re fights claim for $27.8 m

    Bermuda based Scandinavian Re has derided an attempt by a United States insurer to collect - through a federal court - $27.8 million in damages from a purported arbitration victory.Scandinavian Re claims that it, not Continental Casualty Company, essentially won

    Insurer seeks to enforce ‘$27 m arbitration award’

    An insurer has asked a court to order Bermuda-based Scandinavian Reinsurance Company Ltd. to pay $27.88 million to satisfy a final arbitration award.Continental Casualty Company, of Chicago, filed a motion to confirm the award against Scandinavian Re at the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on April 21, 2005. The award was issued in two parts, on March 23 and April 16, 2005, and concerned a dispute over two reinsurance contracts, stated the petition.

    Aon Re employees try to avoid being deposed by Scandinavian Re

    Four Aon Re employees are seeking to avoid being deposed for an arbitration proceeding between Bermuda based Scandinavian Reinsurance Company Ltd. and Continental Casualty Company, of Illinois.First, Kelly Smith, David Sullivan, Chris DeAngelis and Michael Bungert refused to comply with