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    Insider Talking: June 14, 2009

    Fresh from the collapse of his fraudulently operated Cayman Islands based stock brokerage SEGOES Securities with a net insolvency of approximately $10 million, John Kaweske, Jr. has re emerged in recent months through the creation of his own fantasy world

    SEGOES creditors will receive nothing, say liquidators

    The liquidators of Cayman Islands based investment firm SEGOES Services Ltd., whose admitted claims are US$9.8 million, have told creditors they will receive no pay out.As the liquidation draws to a close, there are nowhere enough assets to cover the

    Insider Talking: July 12, 2007

    James Fontanetta, a former director of Cayman Islands-based SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd., has been so helpful to the company's liquidators that they have agreed to apply to set aside a default judgment that they obtained against him at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands; and Regulatory warnings around the world.

    Ex-SEGOES director James Fontanetta settles with liquidators

    A former director of a fraudulently operated, offshore stock broker has agreed to pay US$74,000 - purportedly 75% of his total assets - to settle a civil complaint brought by the firm's liquidators.As part of his settlement agreement, James Fontanetta

    Insider Talking: October 5, 2006

    Two corporations formed in Florida by former Nevis-based offshore financial services provider Nigel Scott Grant did not last long; OffshoreAlert has previously reported about the propensity of Bahamas Supreme Court judge Jon Isaacs to issue rulings that are favourable to suspected crooks, particularly those accused of narcotics trafficking; The All Japan Liquor Merchants Co-operative Association filed a civil lawsuit at Tokyo District Court, in Japan on August 17, 2006 against Credit Suisse, Haruo Kusakabe, who was a Vice President, Private Banking of Credit Suisse at the time of the incident at the heart of the action, and investment broker Fabio Takeshi Sunago; The liquidators of offshore stockbroker SEGOES Services Ltd. have obtained a court judgment for US$3.9 million against the firm's principal director, John Kaweske, Jr.; and Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro filed a motion at the U. S. District Court for the District of Southern New York on October 3 requesting that the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio be appointed lead plaintiff in a securities class action lawsuit filed in August against Scottish Re Group Ltd.

    SEGOES liquidators obtain US$3.9 m judgment against director

    The liquidators of offshore stockbroker SEGOES Services Ltd. have obtained a court judgment for US$3.9 million against the firm's principal director, John Kaweske, Jr. “This decision brings the total amount of judgments against Mr. Kaweske and related parties, including his

    SEGOES liquidators run up $1.49 m deficit in first 8 months

    The liquidators of fraudulently-operated offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. ran up a $1.49 million deficit during their first eight months in charge of the company.That was the figure that leapt out of the Third Interim Report to Customers and Creditors, dated January 27, 2006, by liquidators Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride.

    SEGOES liquidators seek stay of Florida lawsuit

    The liquidators of an offshore broker have applied to stay a civil lawsuit that has been filed in the United States against the firm's former President.A hearing on the motion by the liquidators of Cayman Islands-based SEGOES Services Ltd. has been scheduled for December 8, 2005 at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    Cayman court enters default judgment against SEGOES director

    A default judgment has been entered at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands against one of the directors of failed offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd., according to the firm's liquidators.The judgment is against James Fontanetta “for his part in the failure to implement proper systems and controls and allowing assets of the Company to be misappropriated”, stated a press release issued by Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride on October 13, 2005. “The amount of the judgment has not yet been quantified.

    Insider Talking: October 4, 2005

    A Florida based stock promoter with a checkered past has been served with a subpoena on behalf of the liquidators of collapsed Cayman Islands based stock broker SEGOES Services Ltd. Howard Gostfrand, of Miami Beach, and his Florida incorporated stock

    SEGOES Services Ltd. (in Official Liquidation)

    Press Release by RSM Cayman Islands - distributed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority - regarding the liquidation of SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd.

    New estimate puts SEGOES insolvency at $15 m to $25 m

    The latest estimate by the liquidators of offshore securities broker SEGOES Services Ltd. puts the firm's insolvency at between US$15 million and US$25 million.The figure was included in a civil lawsuit filed against former SEGOES directors and officers John Kaweske and James Fontanetta at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on August 17, 2005.

    SEGOES owner tried to breach asset freeze, say liquidators

    The owner of a failed offshore securities broker that apparently defrauded clients out of millions of dollars has attempted to breach an asset freeze order, it has been claimed.Details of the allegation against John Kaweske Jr. are contained in the first interim report of the joint official liquidators of SEGOES Services Ltd. to customers and creditors, which is dated July 7, 2005 but only publicly released on August 3.

    SEGOES liquidators still unsure about extent of insolvency

    Liquidators of Cayman Islands-based securities broker SEGOES Services Ltd., formerly SEGOES Securities, are still unclear as to the extent of its insolvency.In a press release on June 6, 2005, nearly five weeks after they took control of the company, they stated they had identified total assets of US$13 million.

    SEGOES insolvency may exceed US$15 m

    The amount of client funds misappropriated from offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. may exceed US$15 million, according to the first interim report to creditors. That is how much was transferred from a group account "to a beneficiary as yet unidentified" on November 17, 2004, stated Kenneth Krys and Christopher Stride, whose status changed from joint provisional liquidators to joint liquidators on May 20 after it was determined the SEGOES group could not continue as a going concern and should be wound-up.

    SEGOES Services Ltd.

    Notice by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority that SEGOES Services Ltd., f.k.a. SEGOES Securities Ltd., has gone into liquidation.

    SEGOES owner accuses former officers and stock promoter of fraud

    The principal owner of a failed offshore stock broker known as SEGOES has filed a suspicious activity report against two of its former officers and a penny stock promoter.John Kaweske, a U. S. national with Caymanian status, supplied information to

    SEGOES goes into provisional liquidation amid allegations of fraud

    Offshore stock-broker SEGOES Services Ltd. has gone out of business amid a police investigation in Cayman and concerns that clients have been defrauded of millions of dollars.The firm, formerly known as SEGOES Securities Ltd., went into provisional liquidation by order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on April 29 following a petition the same day by two clients in British Columbia, Canada with a claim totaling US$400,000.

    Cayman Islands regulator seeks information from SEGOES Securities

    A regulator in the Cayman Islands has asked a court to order SEGOES Securities Ltd. to provide information about its business activities after the firm would not do so voluntarily. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority applied for the order at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on December 16, 2004, with a hearing held in chambers before Justice Alex Henderson on December 22 and continued to a future date. CIMA was represented by law firm Maples and Calder and SEGOES by attorney Clyde Allen.

    Insider Talking: November 30, 2004

    Two prominent Bermudian businessmen accused of fraud appeared at Magistrates Court in November for a preliminary hearing on whether there is sufficient evidence for the case against them to proceed. Bermudians Arthur Jones, 52, and Fraser Butterworth, 62, have exercised

    Troubled offshore broker claims to have been bought by mystery firm

    Crisis-hit SEGOES Securities Ltd., which is believed to control $70 million of client assets, claims to have been acquired by a mystery buyer.However, the timing of the 'deal' - coming just days after SEGOES was shut out of Cayman's financial services industry - and secrecy concerning the 'purchaser' raise questions about whether it is bona fide.

    SEGOES Securities Ltd.

    Notice by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority that SEGOES Securities Limited "has withdrawn its application for licensing under the Securities Investment Business Law (2004 Revision)".

    Cayman Islands Stock Exchange terminates SEGOES Securities’ membership

    An offshore securities broker controlled by a U. S. national with a history of legal and administrative problems has had its membership terminated by the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.SEGOES Securities Ltd.'s membership was "terminated with immediate effect" on October 11, 2004, according to an announcement by the CSX Council, which oversees the exchange.

    Regulators in Cayman, BVI and US act against John Kaweske and SEGOES

    Regulators in three countries have taken action recently against Cayman Islands-based financial services group known as SEGOES or its CEO, United States national John David Kaweske. The flurry of activity began on March 25, 2004 when the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange suspended the membership of SEGOES Securities Ltd.

    Cayman-based SEGOES acts to protect its reputation

    Cayman-based on-line brokerage firm SEGOES Ltd. acted quickly this month after OffshoreAlert tipped it off to apparent misuse of its name over the Internet. Omnicorp Bank Inc., of St. Vincent; and Business Builders LLC, of California, all made apparently false claims on their web-sites about a relationship with SEGOES.

    Cayman on-line trader expands to Canadian stock markets

    Cayman-based SEGOES Securities Ltd. has announced plans to offer on-line trading for stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Venture Exchange. SEGOES, which has a web-site at, will also provide real-time quotes from these exchanges.