Sergey Taruta

VTB Bank v. Sergey Taruta et al: Judgment (‘Refusing Ogier’s application to stop acting for Russian state-owned bank’)

Judgment on i). Ogier's application to stop representing VTB Bank following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, ii). whether a Receivership Order requires "the Governor's licence" due to sanctions, and iii) whether Arrowcrest is subject to the Court's jurisdiction in JSC VTB Bank, a Russian state-owned bank v. Sergey Taruta and Arrowcrest Ltd. at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

Midway United Ltd. et al: Chapter 15 Petition

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in the British Virgin Islands by Stuart Mackellar, as the Foreign Representative of Midway United Limited and Glan Worldwide Limited, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.