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Loudmila Bourlakova et al v. Anthony Raftopol et al: Complaint (‘Russian billionaire Oleg Bourlakov Fraud’)

Complaint that "arises out of the machinations of now deceased Russian billionaire Oleg Bourlakov, his sister Vera Kazakova along with her husband Nikolai Kazakov, and their various co-conspirators and Defendants to unlawfully and fraudulently misappropriate assets and real property" in Loudmila Bourlakova, of Monaco; Elena Bourlakova, of Monaco, and Veronica Bourlakova, of Canada v. Anthony Virgil Raftopol, of Florida, USA; Gerd Schneider, of Luxembourg; Anahill Stiftung, of Panama; Fundacion Cantucci, of Panama; Wlamil Foundation, of Panama; Hemaren Stiftung, of Panama; Mentor Admin LLC, of Delaware; Pasel Corporation, of Delaware; Prora Admin LLC, of Delaware; Ratio Admin LLC, of Delaware; Veronica S.A. SPF, of Luxembourg, and Pasel Anstalt, of Liechtenstein, at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.