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SpeedCast Communications, Inc. et al: Chapter 11 Petition

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition by SpeedCast Communications, Inc., of Texas; SpeedCast International Limited, of Australia; SpeedCast UK Holdings Limited, of England; CapRock UK Limited, of Scotland; CapRock Communications Pte. Ltd., of Singapore; CapRock Communications Pte. Ltd., of Singapore; Speedcast Cyprus Ltd., of Cyprus; SpeedCast Limited, of Hong Kong; SpeedCast Group Holdings Pty Ltd., of Australia; SpaceLink Systems, LLC, of Texas; SpeedCast Australia Pty Limited, of Australia; Satellite Communications Australia Pty Ltd., of Australia; Oceanic Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd., of Australia; SpeedCast Managed Services Pty Limited, of Australia; Maritime Communication Services, Inc., of Texas; Telaurus Communications LLC, of New Jersey; CCI Services Corp., of Texas; HCT Acquisition, LLC, of New York; Cosmos Holdings Acquisition Corp., of New York; Globecomm Network Services Corporation, of New York; Hermes Datacommunications International Limited, of England; SpeedCast Singapore Pte. Ltd., of Singapore; SpaceLink Systems II, LLC, of Texas; CapRock Comunicacoes do Brasil Ltda., of Brazil; CapRock Participacoes do Brasil Ltda., of Brazil; Speedcast Canada Limited, of Canada; CapRock Communications (Australia) Pty Ltd., of Australia; SpeedCast Norway AS, of Norway; Globecomm Europe BV, of the Netherlands; NewCom International, Inc., of Miami; Evolution Communications Group Limited, of New York; Speedcast Netherlands BV, of the Netherlands; SpeedCast Americas, Inc., of Texas; and SpeedCast France SAS, of France, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.