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    Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP et al v. 777 Partners LLC et al: Complaint (‘Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Double-Pledging Fraud’)

    Complaint alleging "a years-long pattern of fraud perpetrated on the lenders of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt by a group of entities operating under the domination and control of Defendants Josh Wander, Steven Pasko, and Kenneth King" in Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP, described as "a London-based asset management company which focuses on granting institutional investors access to insurance-related risks", and Leadenhall Life Insurance Linked Investments Fund Plc, described as "an investment company organized as a public limited company under the laws of Ireland" v. Josh Wander, Steven Pasko, Kenneth King, 777 Partners LLC, 600 Partners LLC, SPLCSS III LLC, Signal SML 4 LLC, Insurety Agency Services LLC, Dorchester Receivables II LLC, SuttonPark Capital LLC, Signal Medical Receivables LLC, Insurety Capital LLC, SuttonPark Servicing LLC, Signal Servicing LLC, Insurety Servicing LLC, and Advantage Capital Holdings LLC at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    Obra Capital Management LLC et al v. 777 Partners LLC et al: Complaint (‘Fraudulent Transfer’)

    Complaint "777 transferred two cash-rich subsidiaries – Sutton Specialty Insurance Company and Sutton National Insurance Company – to Defendant Pasko for no consideration to shield those assets from creditors" in Obra Capital Management LLC, Vida Longevity Fund LP, Vida Insurance Credit Opportunity Fund II LP, of the Cayman Islands, and Vida Insurance Credit Opportunity Fund III LP, of the Cayman Islands v. 777 Partners LLC and Steven W. Pasko at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.

    MALT Family Trust et al v. Phoenicia LLC: Complaint (‘Inspection of Books & Records’)

    Complaint "to compel Phoenicia to provide books and records of its business operations" amid "public reports of mismanagement and/or malfeasance" by Phoenicia's "parent", 777 Partners LLC, which is attempting to purchase English soccer club Everton F.C., in Timothy James O'Neil-Dunne and MALT Family Trust v. Phoenicia LLC at the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware.

    MALT Family Trust et al v. 777 Partners LLC et al: Amended Complaint (‘Membership Interests Fraud’)

    Amended Complaint alleging "a scheme by the Individual Defendants to defraud the Plaintiffs and to use corporate entities they control to deprive the Plaintiffs of the proper value of their membership interests in Phoenicia" in MALT Family Trust and Timothy James O'Neil-Dunne v. 777 Partners LLC, Phoenicia LLC, Steven W. Pasko, Joshua Wander, and Adam Weiss at the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware.