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Aviator Master Fund, Ltd. et al v. John Hamilton et al: Default Judgment

Default Judgment against John Hamilton and Sandro Sordi in Aviator Master Fund, Ltd.,  Aviator Fund Management, LP, JMG Triton Offshore Fund, Ltd., JMG Capital Partners, LP, Whitebox Concentrated Convertible Arbitrage Partners, LP, Whitebox Concentrated Convertible Arbitrage Advisors, LLC, Whitebox Credit Arbitrage Partners, LP, Whitebox Credit Arbitrage Advisors, LP, Pandora Select Partners, LP, Pandora Select Advisors, LP, Longview Equity Fund, LP, and Longview International Equity Fund, LP. v. John Hamilton and Sandro Sordi at New York State Supreme Court.

Bahamas attorney plays key role in group accused of securities fraud

Bahamas-based attorney Anthony Thompson has emerged as a key player in another securities scheme by a group whose allegedly fraudulent activities were exposed in the previous edition of OffshoreAlert. Thompson is the sole officer and director of two offshore companies that beneficially own 43.8% of the common stock of Reliant Home Warranty Corporation, a Florida-registered, Canada-based “mortgage banking” firm whose shares are currently trading for six cents each on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board in the United States.

Insider Talking: August 8, 2006

Lennox Gibbs is well-paid for his role in dubious penny stock Strategy International Insurance Group Inc.; Law firm Charles Russell and financial advisors Smith & Williamson, continue to be handsomely rewarded for their lmismanagement of the iquidation of Invaro Ltd.; and the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations' 'Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, The Tools and Secrecy' is not without its humorous side.

Bermuda insurance license reject goes to Barbados, teams up with dubious group

A wannabe Bermuda insurer whose license application was turned down in 2004 has resurfaced in Barbados, where it has teamed up with a group whose principals include a convicted criminal. The Barbados Supervisor of Insurance issued an insurance license to River Reinsurance Limited on December 16, 2005. 

Parent of offshore insurer accused of $50 m securities fraud

A publicly-listed company in the United States whose subsidiaries include an offshore insurer is being sued in New York by investors who claim they were victims of a $50 million securities fraud. Strategy International Insurance Group Inc., whose shares are currently trading on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board at just six cents per share, misrepresented its assets and concealed “material negative facts” about some of its “principal executives and directors” in a private placement memorandum, according to the plaintiffs, who include investment funds in the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands.